It's Christmas what? Eve? Woo!

It's Christmas Eve ahhh!
I am in such a festive mood; I am currently sat watching Fred Claus drinking a brew - this is going to be my day. It wouldn't sound fun if it was on a normal day, but it is Christmas and all the films I am going to watch are Christmas films. 

i am recording The Grinch so I can't watch it when it is on, i am going to be a good girlfriend and wait for Daniel to come home so we can watch it together; when he comes home, i am going to make him a brew and make him get into comfy clothes, so then we can sit together, snuggle up and watch The Grinch. It is the ultimate Christmas film so I am not going to watch it alone. 

The Muppet's Christmas Carol is on the film list of course!

So what are go beautiful people doing to celebrate Christmas Eve?
What are you doing on Christmas Day?
Comment below

Well my Christmas Day will be where my mum picks Daniel and I up and takes us to her house where my Nana, Grandad, Great Auntie Ann, Step-Dad, little brother, little sister, and twin sister will be as well. Yep, there are going to be TEN of us celebrating Christmas together. How are TEN people going to sit round a six seater table eating Christmas Dinner? haha! Let's see how this plans out. At some point during the day, Daniel, my twin and my little brother will visit my Grandma, Grandad and Dad at their house (me, my twin and little brother all have the same Dad, but my little sister is my Step-dad and mum's daughter... if that makes sense?) Normally my two cousins on my Dad's side comes down to my Grandma's for Christmas too so I get to see them; I miss them loads. After I have been to my Grandma's, I go back to my mum's house where other relatives come and visit and exchange gifts. Some family I don't want to see; they are not blood related and after some certain problems, they are not welcome! i haven't really liked them anyway, they are stuck up and complete bitches! They are the three Witches of the North-West. 

I am either staying at my mum's with Daniel or coming home; most likely staying. On Boxing Day, Daniel and I are visiting Daniel's side of the family, I have no idea how we are getting there. Are public Transport running on Boxing Day? If not, we are going to have to get a lift off one of Daniel's relatives. 

How is your Christmas Eve going? Having fun?

What is Eggnog by the way? American's have it, English people don't. I don't even know why I am asking to be honest.

I hate how there are adverts in the middle of films on TV channels, what is the point in putting adverts in a film? There should be adverts at the end of the film, yano when people actually may want to watch them; well, no one likes adverts anyway. I don't. The only time adverts are acceptable, are when there are film trailers, then I get to see what films are coming out! Haha speak of the devil, a film trailer just came on for 'The Delivery Man' and it looks hilarious! Why am i blabbing on about shit? Oh well!

Why do girl's say: 'I want a man to keep me warm for Christmas.' 
No you don't. Get a blanket, put the heating on, get a hot chocolate or a brew. Unless she just wants to use him for presents? Bitch. Seriously, girls, STOP with that! You don't need a man to 'keep you warm,' if you stopped looking and just concentrated on yourself, then you will find that someone. It's like watching paint dry or a kettle boil - it takes longer. So what if you are single over Christmas, you have family! So again, STOP with that, it really annoys me. Girls, just stop the desperate moans and get on with your life. This only relates to the girls that say this. No offense to the other normal girls. 

Omg I am so excited for Christmas.
He's making a list, he's checking it twice, gonna find out who's naughty and nice. Santa Claus is coming to town! 
Yes, i am a big kid. It's Christmas for God's sake!! Everyone should be a big kid on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day, it's the Christmas Spirit. Adults, yes you adults, get your kid act on a celebrate Christmas like you did when you was ten or younger. I won't tell you twice! You want to know why I want you to act like a kid and make your kids happy and make you get into the Christmas spirit?

Well it's because.....

Santa Claus is coming to town!

Merry Christmas everyone. Have a good one!

May Santa bring you loads of presents. i hope you have an amazing Christmas wherever you are in the world. For some of you it will be Christmas Day TODAY so....

Merry Christmas to you lot on the other side of the world. 

Merry Christmas
¡Feliz Navidad
С Рождеством
joyeux Noël
메리 크리스마스
圣诞节快乐 (simplified)
聖誕節快樂 (traditional)
Весела Коледа
God Jul
Feliz Natal
З Різдвом
میری کرسمس

See you later.
~ xoxo ~

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