My Christmas Day.. and the days after...

How was everyone's Christmas? What did you do to celebrate?

Well my Christmas was really good. Daniel and I woke up around half 9 and opened our presents; I am so glad Daniel finally got to wear the coat I got him. It is such a nice coat - for the bloody price of it, it was definitely worth it. Daniel and I's first Christmas went soooo well!

Once we opened our presents, my step-dad picked us both up and drove us to my mum's house where my my two sisters, little brother and mum was waiting for us; Nanna and Grandad and my Great Auntie Ann were joining us an hour later. Our christmas dinner was yummy! 

Daniel opening his Christmas present

Another picture

He was finally so happy to open the present which was the coat I had gotten him; the price was worth it and I am so glad he loves his coat. It is so heavy but super soft and keeps you out of the cold. I think I may start wearing his coat because I
it is that good haha! Sorry Daniel, I am robbing your jacket! In the background you can see the yellow mug I got him as another present - only fools and horses mug. I think only English people would understand what show the only fools and horses is; it is a classic!


The family sat around the TV to watch the film, Elf, which I
is such a good festive film! I think whoever watches this or who have watched it will enjoy it. Who doesn't love Santa amd Elves? I screen captured this on my sisters Instagram. She tagged me in the picture haha. The film is about a young baby who has been put up for adoption climbing into Santa's present sack and ending up in the North Pole; Santa adopts him and the human dresses like an elf for his entire life and then somehow figures out his real father. He moves to New York to find his father but his father has no idea about his real son. Elf hasn't grown up and still acts like a child so it all gets a little crazy.

From top left (Great Auntie Ann, little brother, Nana, Grandad and little sister

I love watching films with the family because it brings us all closer together and we hardly ever get to do this; we literally only do this on Christmas Day. It's great to have the family all together in one place, especially Christmas; the time for joy! 

This is my Grandad figuring out Hayley's phone

My Grandad loves figuring out new things and now that Hayley has the new Sony Experia whatever phone, she is showing him. I love my Grandad, he is so cute and funny, I love seeing him and spending time with him. It was great that he came to my mum's house for Christmas so we could all spend Christmas together. There will be more of this in years to come and I can't wait. 

English Christmas Dinner

Okay now this is a heap full of food. Typical English Christmas Dinner! Gammon, Turkey, peas, broccoli, sprouts, roast potatoes, stuffing, carrot and swede, gravy and pig's in blanket (sausage wrapped in bacon.) This was soo yummy, even Daniel went back for more... and more.. and more... he even had what Hayley and I had left haha! See, my mum's Christmas Dinner does taste good. My little brother was literally so excited to have his christmas dinner, he just kept asking when it would be ready; even when he went to the pub with the men, he kept asking. Typical blokes and food eh??

If you check out my Dayre, you will be able to see more pictures and things I did on Christmas Day.
(can only see on mobile device)

Daniel and I decided that it was Daniel's family we have to see; we couldn't see them on Christmas Day because Daniel and I went to see my family, as you already know. There was no public transport and Daniel's relatives couldn't pick him up - doesn't matter anyway because the whole day was rammed with things to do and people to see! So when Daniel and I went to his Dad's house, we said our late 'Merry Christmas' to each other, gave hugs and exchanged gifts. We then sat round the table for a chat then started to play games haha. It was fun! 

As soon as Daniel's little brother, Kieran, heard us downstairs, he ran downstairs and gave Daniel a great big hug and it was soooo cute! We watched Darts, chatted some more, then Daniel, Kieran and I went upstairs where I watched the two brothers play on the PS3; Kieran got some new games for Christmas and wanted to play them with Daniel. It was funny watching them both; i sat back, relaxed and watched.

Soon it was time to go, so Daniel and I said out byes, gave hugs; even Kieran gave me a hug awww! And then Daniel and I went on our way home. Haha Daniel's dad gave me Daniel's old hat to keep me warm; well Daniel stole mine so now I have his mwuahaha!

When Daniel and I got home, we sat and watched films then played games on my new Samsung Galaxy Tab 3; i am obsessed with it and can't put it down!! We went to bed but then I realised I had a camera, a cute boyfriend, and wasn't sleepy.....

OK, picture bombing right now!

Sweet kiss on the cheek

haha his face is so funny!

Scowl and pose


Looks like i have photoshopped him in.. I haven't


Go Ugly!

erm.. that's my ear... STOP eating it! 

Okay, we are crazy... i think we put that quite clear in the pictures haha! It was around 2am and we were bored with a camera and we wanted to test it out. Instead of the normal 'smile and wave' we do what we do - GO CRAZY! Pulling faces is so much better than being boring and just smiling.. am I right, or am I right?

Eventually we did put the camera down and go to sleep. There are plenty more photos but they are not going on the internet; they are too funny, ugly and MINE mwuahaha! No you can't see the rest! *sticks out tongue* 

These are my favourite photos out of allll the photos I had taken, to see these pictures on their own just check out my Instagram: lauren_ohara_x 

Daniel has currently gone to work whilst i have decided to relax in my new Zebra onsie and update my blog. My Christmas blog had to go into this one because it is three days late, whoops! Oh well, you've finally got to see it right? Don't complain! I have work at 5pm tonight; Fantasia are appearing for tonight's show. What's Fantasia anyway? Tomorrow and Monday is the Peter Pan theatre show and I am also doing both! it is a 5pm start tomorrow as well. On Monday i start at 12pm and I am doing a double shift; why have I agreed to do that? I think I forgot that it was a double BLAH! Ah well, more money! 

hmm.. i am quite excited for Tuesday because.... IT'S THE NEW YEARS EVE PARTY WOO! i love New Year's Eve. This year i am spending it at Daniel's Dad's Friend's house - that did make sense didn't it haha? There will be a blog on that later on next week so keep a look out and keep checking my blog to see if I have. 

You are all amazing.

God bless.

See you later.

~ xoxo ~

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