5th January 2014

I have a thing for food. I love food - all types.

The good thing about my love for food, having a fast metabolism and the fact that I eat slowly, is that I stay the same weight. My weight has been up and down but not by much and I have always had a slim figure; the bad thing is that I have been underweight for a while. I think I have put on weight and becoming a healthy weight which is great but I am not used to my figure now; you can't see my hips as much as you used too - sometimes I miss that but I know I am healthier this way.

I love Sunday Lunch; Daniel made one today and omg it was amazing! I have not had it in a long time. The good thing about our cooker is that it is too good, it cooks things faster than they should. The chicken was supposed to take over two hours to cook but i only took us an hour and a half; we thought we were going crazy but when we cut down the centre of the chicken's spine, it was perfect - no blood, just nice, juicy and white! I thoroughly enjoyed my sunday lunch and it was Daniel first time cooking a chicken; I am so proud hehe. I couldn't even cut the potatoes because I was scared i would cut myself with the knife; I peeled about half a potato then gave up - i am such a chicken. Everything has been eaten and I am left with the dishes now blah! I best get cleaning. 

(This is the point where I would have a picture of my
Sunday lunch, but it was too good not to
eat straight away.)

Daniel has set off to work and i am, yet again, left at home alone and bored. I really need to get a hobby and think of things to do with myself. What should I do as a hobby? Being an ex-gymnast, I really want to teach younger gymnasts - a coach - but I need the money to get there and back seen as being a gymnast coach is voluntary. if I had a full time job and a steady income, I would happily be a gymnast coach on my days off or in the evenings. We'll just have to wait and see.


I asked fellow bloggers to send me their link via Twitter so I could explore their blogs to see what they write about and to see how different people's blogs are compared to each other. Honestly, every single blog that I looked at were completely different; layouts, pictures, fonts, the writing, and the information they write about are different. I love it! I do have a few favourite blogs that I now follow because they relate to me, or i find them so interesting; some warm my heart. 

Feel free to comment with the link to your blog - I would love to read them.


Short and sweet post today; not much has happened so i am not going to bore you and chat a load of rubbish.

See you later.

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