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I have applied to BossModelManagement to become, of course, a model; i know the chances of becoming a model is like one in a million... or more! But hey, worth a try right? I hope someone gets back to me and I know that there will be thousands more applicants and prettier, sexier girls than me, but there is no harm in trying and wanted to do what I want to do; becoming a model is every girls dream and I want to see if I have any chance to become one. 

There are hundreds of scamming schemes out there and I have learnt that from a fellow friend that is currently a model. I have researched a lot and found out illegal and legal things about companies who advertise to model wanna-be's and scam them; some companies are legit and do not scam - these companies I am trying to find.

Here is some information I have found on - a legit model and talent management company:

'Select Model Management is a professional model and talent management company. We are qualified to provide all the guidance and support services that professional models need and deserve.
  • Models are hired by a Client through an Agency. The Agency charges a commission fee to both the Client and the Model. This is how a legitimate Agency earns their income.
  • From years of experience and close communication with their clients, a legitimate Agency will only represent those that they believe they can work for.
  • We do NOT charge our models for our photography, training, website and registration fees.
  • No other modeling agency or management company in our region comes close to our experience and skill level.
  • Select Model Management is in a customer service business. The people that we represent are with us because they want to be... not because we have a contract saying they have to be.'
This website also has some advice to other from Experts to help model wanna-be's, like myself. I find this information so helpful and I am sharing this with you just in case you are wanting to become a model yourself. I am talking to men and women.

'Advice from the Experts

Some tips
  • Avoid anyone that wants money from you to make you a model or to 'sign' you.
  • Avoid any Agency that wants to lock you into a contract, binding you to them for years.
  • In the modeling industry, it is unethical for an agency to charge money for training and marketing models, it is a conflict of interest. Some states have made this practice illegal.
  • the internet is a good source to research modeling scams and related topics. These include modeling schools, model searches, conventions, and portfolio photography.'
This information has helped me and I have actually learnt what to avoid. I hope this information has also helped you if you are also looking to become a model. Please remember that this is for personal use and not advertising the website at all.


Once I had researched and sent an application to BossModelManagement, I am now struggling on how to keep myself entertained. Daniel has gone to work and I have done all the housework. The only hobby I actually have is Blogging - which I love - but it really isn't getting my ass of the couch and I am not getting out the house. I am due to visit family soon, which is what I am probably going to do soon. 

Any ideas on how to keep myself entertained?

I am still looking for a full time job seen as I am not getting much work at the moment - ARTISTS, HAVE SHOWS AT THE ARENA GOD DAMN IT! Blah! I need more work!!

Good news. Daniel has finished work early and he is going to head home soon woo! No more being bored on my own, he can be bored with me.... i want to go out. hmmm.. town? Gay Village!!

That reminds me! 

Date night.

Daniel took me out on a date on Wednesday; I love it when we go on dates hehe! We went to the cinema to watch The Secret Life of Walter Mitty which FYI is amazing. It is such a heart-melting films and inspires me to go travelling. Apparently it is the new 'Forest Gump' but, in my own opinion, it is nothing like Forest Gump! Once we had watched the film, we then went over the road to Lloyd's bar to have a meal and have a few drinks. We decided that we wanted to go to the Gay Village, for my first time there, and it was soo funny and such a good night. I would definitely go there again. Daniel and I decided to go on a small bar crawl so we went in one pub, has one drink, then went to the next bar we thought would be fun; well we found out that on a Wednesday, mostly old men go out drinking on Canal Street. However, Daniel and I found the bar, Barpop, and to be honest, we loved it in there. The DJ, who was a man dressed as a woman, was hilarious. (Should I call the DJ a he or a she is he is dressed like a woman?) Okay, I will call the DJ a he-she just to make it easier. Well the he-she just kept insulting people and being a bitch towards them but you know he-she was just joking about; he also kept saying 'alright stop milking it' which was quite annoying after a while. Jeez get a knew saying! Anyway, around 2am, the bar closed so Daniel and I had to head home blah, we wanted to stay out! 

So that was date night.

Back to now.

What was i saying?
Oh yeh, Daniel is heading home, but now thinking of it, I have no money to go to the Gay Village ugh!
I wish I was one of those people who are financially stable and are able to blow money whenever they want - one day eh? One day i will have the amazing career, the big house, the beautiful car, the big white wedding, and the baby to complete the family. Why not? I woman can dream right? 

Do you know what is so annoying about living in a flat surrounded by other flats? The fact that there are loud, annoying, weirdos that have parties and don't keep the noise down. Jesus Christ, shut the fuck up! No one wants to hear your crappy chavy music. Shush. Now. Thanks. Whenever people open the main door to the flat, they always slam it, stamp up the stairs, and shout talk. Why shout talk? The person you are talking to is right next to you. No one else wants to know about your sad life. 

Why the hell am I ranting? 
Stop Lauren.

See you later

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