Ecstatic - seriously amazing news for you!

Now this post is not the ordinary post that I will do about either my thoughts and opinions, this post is about something that some of you will find shocking or something you will find romantic and you will be happy for me. Which ever you are, I am not bothered if you don't like my decision, I only care about the viewers who support my decision and are happy for me.

This is my life and this is how I roll.

Time to give you the seriously great news you have been waiting for.

I am ecstatic!

I will give you a clue. 

 Is this a great clue? 

If you have guessed Engagement Ring then you are right.

That's right.

I am getting married! 

How exciting! 

Daniel proposed to me on the 25th January 2014 and I couldn't have been happier! This means so much to me and even though I am only eighteen years old (yes 18, so what?) I know what I am doing. I love Daniel so much and I can't believe he has proposed. The proposal was so cute and romantic. At the time he didn't have a ring because he wanted me to choose it myself so he got on one knee and gave me such a romantic speech about how much he loves me and wants to spend the rest of his life with me and then he gave me the serious reason why he wants to marry me. I said yes of course! He then kissed my engagement finger over and over and then hugged and kissed me.

I know there will be plenty of people reading this post thinking I am stupid and I am rushing into things, but do you see the book of rules in a relationship? No? Neither do I! Everyone has their own pace in a relationship and this pace is Daniel and I's - it has always been like this. I am super excited about marrying Daniel. We are organising an engagement party for close family and friends to come and celebrate this with us; people who don't respect our decision will not be coming and they will not be welcome at the wedding.

Daniel and I are planning on getting married in 2015 or 2016. We are not rushing the wedding but we knew getting engaged now was the right decision and I will always treasure today. We will both be in our 20s when we finally get married but we do want a long engagement so we know for sure we are not going to rush into things and tie the knot straight away. I do want a big white wedding and I want it to be an amazing day that I will remember for the rest of my life - I am only ever going to get married once. 

Many of you will either be happy or literally could not care less. I have had many congratulations and many different opinions but overall most people are happy for me because I am happy. Fellow bloggers have also congratulated me (if you have checked my Dayre then you would have found out yesterday) but anyway, I am telling you all now woo!

I am so excited!

I never saw this coming and the proposal shocked me. I still haven't digested the fact that I am engaged haha. 

Daniel and I are planning an engagement party at the moment and we would love to have the event at the FC Lounge, where of course our football family, normal family, and friends, will all come together to celebrate Daniel and I's engagement. There will be plenty of pictures that will be shown on Blogger when the time comes. Seeing wedding pictures in a over a year or so - possibly - will also be on Blogger. 

Thought I would share the good news with my viewers and fans of my blog.

2015/2016 will be a great year!

See you later.

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