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There comes a time when you realise who your friends really are, you realise who just comes back into your life when there is a bit of gossip or they just feel like it. Real friends stick by you no matter what and actually keep contact with you because they care and respect that my life is completely different to theirs; they actually try and spend time with me by taking time out of their lives to organise an arrangement to meet me so we can catch up and have a girly day - shopping or a chat, whatever we do. Real friends don't swoop into your life when it suits them, it doesn't work like that, you either want to be in my life or you don't - take a pick. Actually don't, if they were my real friends, there wouldn't be a choice in the first place. 

I don't respect the fact that people judge me or they think they have the right to tell me what I should and shouldn't do in my relationship. No one lives with me, no one really know what i know or the way I live. They don't have a clue who I really am or what Daniel and I are like living together. The only people who actually give a fuck and come round to see me and Daniel are my real friends; these people come and visit me whenever and whatever the situation - they come round for general chats or invite me out! 

I am sick and tired of people taking the absolute piss and a mockery of me as if I don't notice. I know who is by my side, I know who will be there for me no matter what, i know who will support every single decision I make. I know who for a fact is trying to take the piss.

Ugh OK, I am going to quit this part of the post because I am just getting too wound up! 


So today something seriously amazing happened and I will tell you when the time is right. Seriously, stay tuned because the news will be posted soon! 

Daniel is now at work and his Dad is at Wetherspoons, where Daniel works, too because he is having a night out haha. I wish I was having a night out but I am so glad it is my friend's birthday next Saturday so I get to see her after so long and finally get to spend some time with her and of course celebrate her birthday. I really do miss hanging out with friends but i know half of them really weren't friends to begin with; as you grow up and mature, you finally realise who is there for you and who isn't. Life is tough but you finally get over it. I got over it. i stand on my own too feet and if I know you are not fully behind me and are just taking the piss then I will just tell you to leave me alone and never get in touch with me. I can't be arsed with fake friends. What's the point in being surrounded in fake friends when you can have a couple, maybe only one, true friend. Everyone has a true friend, you just have to find him/her in time.

If you are young and you think you have loads of 'friends' then you will realise with time and age that most of them are going to leave you. It's not your fault so don't get upset or think it was all you that pushed them away. It's not your fault. They weren't your friends in the first place. If you are sat down right now with over 6 friends in your room, look around, figure out who has been there for you most. Who has been by your side through thick and thin? If you are under the age of 14 then this won't apply to you, you are still discovering new friends and exploring with new people, stick to it because in a couple years, you will only have your true friends left. 

If you are in your final year in high school, then you are going to have a huge shock! Yeah you will tell each other that you will keep in touch and hang out all the time, but reality check, that won't happen. Take it from me who is experienced in this, I only have a couple true friends left. The others I have told to fuck off because I don't want fake people holding me back or making me feel down. You don't need people like that; you only need the people who are there for you.

I am not out to worry you or anything, I am simply just giving you some advice and giving you a reality check. You may think 'this post is a load of bullshit, that won't happen.' Yes it will. Don't think you are any different because you're not. Everyone goes through this and I just want to prepare you. 

Believe it or not, I actually care about people whether I know them or not. I don't ever want to see someone upset or down. I am literally there for everyone - I have been told that I care too much and I take other people's emotions as my own, but that is just me. I will cry if someone is seriously upset because they have been through something so traumatic; I feel your pain even if I have never been through that experience before.

Caring is what I do.

You may think that it isn't possible, but believe me, it is.

Take my advice wisely.

Good luck in the future. 


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