Illness, Job applying and a quick question

Reason to not blogging often: been suffering with headaches and illness.

Being on Antibiotics is going to be annoying, i have to take one tablet four times a day. The thing is, I don't have a proper sleeping routine so I will wake up randomly at any time - I have not seen morning for a long time - so having to take antibiotics the way I should will be hard. I am never healthy, there is always something wrong with me and it is seriously getting on my nerves; why is my body punishing me!

I have also been suffering from mild headaches for weeks and one of those nights I was in extreme pain that I actually ended up crying. It took so long to get a doctors appointment because my GP is almost impossible to see; there will always be an excuse to why I can't see him on a certain day - either he is 'out of the office' or he is 'ill' or 'on a business meeting.' Well what pissed me off yesterday was that I was to see my GP first but I ended up waiting half an hour to see him so Daniel went to the receptionist to ask him why it is taking so long. Turns out my GP was sorting out an 'emergency appointment' when that was just BS; there was no one in his room and when he called out my name for me to finally see him, no one left his office; he was either on the phone or he was having a brew. 

When I went to the Doctors yesterday I had my blood pressure done and then the doctor looked into my eyes with a bright light - which made me laugh. I always end up laughing at eye tests; someone is moving their head side to side with some funny looking light so how can I not laugh haha! I am now being put on a different Contraceptive pill because the other pill might be causing the headaches, but if the headaches continue then I will probably be having tests to find out what it is blah! 

Daniel's PlayStation 4 was delivered today.... goodbye relationship... kidding, i just won't be able to communicate as much as we do but at least i get to play on it whilst he is at work haha; he needs another remote for me hehe! This morning, Daniel played on his PS4 for three hours straight, and to be honest, it was starting to annoy me; Daniel talks to the TV and shouts at it when something that he didn't want to happen happens - it's funny for a while. Typical lad on the PS4 though eh? I wish i had a Nintendo Wii so I can play my favourite chill-out game which is Animal Crossing; yes it looks boring and childish but omg it doesn't half relax and entertain you. I love playing Animal Crossing, i have it on my DS but I can't find my charger and it is the very first animal crossing so the Graphics aren't that good. I am going to find my charger now.

What games on the PS4 or Nintendo Wii or DS would you recommend to be good?

Quick Question:
Would you ever make a fake account of someone famous or steal someone else's pictures to hide your real self then talk to random people and make them feel something for you?

Example 1: I have been watching the TV Show called Catfish where real people fall in love online with someone they have never met before and 9 time out of 10, the person they have been speaking to is some spiteful bitch playing a trick, or someone ugly pretending they are someone they are not. The guy who's show it is goes out to the real people and help them meet the person they have fell in love with online, but sometimes the person online is the real deal and they do either become friends or go into a relationship

Example 2: There are people out there making fake profiles of someone famous and pretending to be them; they steal pictures and try and either ruin the famous person's career or they just pretend to act like them and make other people believe it is them. Why would anyone do that? Is it because they have no life, think they are not worth making their own profile of themselves, or they want to hurt someones feelings? Stop making fake accounts, it is low and stupid. 

Example 3: Online Dating sites have some fake people where they steal real people's identities and pictures and pretend to be them. These people are either stalkers, rapists or pedophiles, so everyone has to be careful. Online Dating sites are for real people who want to find love and people who make fake accounts just ruin that, they have to be mentally psychotic or just sick in the head to do such a thing; everyone has to be so cautious and it ruins the whole 'meeting the one' experience.

So i will ask you again, would you ever make a fake account?

If yes. then you're a dick and completely stupid!  


I wonder how Daniel is doing at work; he finally put his PS4 down and went to work about an hour ago. 

Anyway, I have been applying for jobs for so long and I have literally applied for executive and Manager jobs because I want to see if I am capable of being so high in the job. If i am not that qualified and I can't cope with being a manager then I will know for sure and then I know I will be OK for a normal steady job without seriously high demands. I can deal with high demands and deadlines but I am not sure about proper HIGH demands haha! We'll see though won't we. 

This morning I heard back from a Creative Designer job that I applied for a couple days ago. Turns out i am not being accepted due to the 'calibre of other candidates' they won't be taking my application any further. In other words, I am shit and they don't want me to be a part of their team. Typical, I actually expected that! 

On that note, I better get applying for more jobs.


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