It's all looking up

As you all know, I am now getting married and I couldn't be happier, and everyone is supporting my decision because this choice makes me happy. i wouldn't change anything in my life for the world; my life is perfect right now! Daniel and I are planning to have an engagement party as soon as possible where we can celebrate this amazing time with the people we love; family, friends and, of course, the FCUM family; we want everyone to join together (and mingle) so they can all get to know each other, get drunk, celebrate and also meet each other before they all see each other at our wedding! Anway, I am so delighted that my engagement ring is beautiful - Daniel let me pick it myself - and I will wear it with pride! Literally no one is going to put me down about my decision, you can try as much as you like, haters can hate, but i seriously would not give a flying fuck and will continue to be as over joyed as i am right this minute.

Though I am already in a flat and kind-of settled down, Daniel and I are also apartment viewing on Sunday because we need somewhere bigger and better because this flat it so small. We won't be living alone though as Daniel's good friend, Guy, is also moving in with us; I am happy that Guy will be moving in because I get along with him and when Daniel and Guy are together; they are hilarious! I am still skeptical that it is the right decision, would you move in as a couple and then have a friend live with you also?

OMG FINALLY I am able to upgrade my phone to a Samsung Galaxy S4 after having the S2 for over two years! This isn't as big as getting married or viewing apartments, but OMG it feels so good to be able to get a brand new phone and be able to have the new things rather than have an old phone! Samsung's are my all time favourites, as they are quick and easy to use! The thing about having a new phone is that I will have an OBSESSION and I won't put the phone down; i will also craze over phone covers/cases. I love phone cases. If i had lots of money i would have an extreme phone case collection - either pink, tiger print, leopard print, sparkly and bright!

Guess what???? 
I am going to Zurich, Switzerland in May!!!
This is so I get to watch FC United of Manchester play a friendly, and it will also be a an early birthday present from Daniel as he bought the tickets woo! Not being able to go abroad for over 10 years is a drag so being able to visit another country is actually exciting for me. Not being able to remember what it is like to go on a plane makes me so nervous - those Documentaries you see about plane crashes scare me, blah! I'm sure I will be fine. But OMG Switzerland, how exciting!!! New country, new experience, new environment, new culture (I am all for Cultures, it's like an obsession,) new people, new language, NEW EVERYTHING. The butterfly feeling in my stomache is going to drive me crazy but i know it will be the excitement feeling haha! The place is beautiful! 

It will be my 19th birthday on the 31st May (don't forget ;)) and it is my last year of being a teenager eeeeek it's so scary how next year I will be officially an adult. I am going to make sure this last year of being a teen is going to be amazing. I think I have took being young for granted, all I have wanted to do was grow up, but now that next year I will be 20, I wish I didn't wish away my life. Adults have told me never to wish my life away, and what did I do? I wished my life away. Twat. Sometimes I do wish i was young again, but looking at my life now, I actually wouldn't change it at all. I have met Daniel, I am getting married, I have found out who my true friends are, I have met new people, I am moving into a new flat, I am going abroad this year, this is my last year of being a teen, I am standing on my own two feet, and I am HAPPY. WOW, I really am happy hehe! 

This year has started off perfectly, I wished that this year would bring me happiness where I can actually look forward to things; last year was a struggle and there were lots of drama so grateful that this year is a new start and a new beginning to my life.

No one is going to get me down because I have such an amazing life and I am looking forward to every single part of it. 

Travelling is also on the list of what I want to do in my life. Asian countries like Japan, China, Singapore, Malaysia and HongKong are what i really want to visit - I love the culture and would love to be able to see it all for myself!

My life is looking up!

See you later.

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