Never give up

I am still thinking about whether I should do a Vlog on Youtube or not. Hmm... who would actually be interested in my thoughts and opinions? Most youtube videos are the same; some funny, some stupid, some idiotic, some boring, some are tutorials, some are just plain bollocks and some you can't stop watching because they are so damn interesting. I guess I should give it a go - no harm in trying and doing new things. New year, new start bullshit comes into play here. 

Early this morning, well midnight, i watched a video on Youtube about a girl giving other bloggers advice on not to take advice. She tells you that there really isn't away to get Followers and to be well known; if you ask any successful blogger how they got blog famous, they will just say that they don't know. The key to a successful blog is to keep going, don't give up, make a few twitches here and there and figure out yourself what you want to do in YOUR blog to make it better. To be honest, your blog can't get better because it is YOURS. Your blog is what you write about, not what everyone else wants you to write. The blog is yours to run freely with; have your thoughts and opinions written down in the way you want it to be. Someone out there is reading every single one of your posts and being there every step of the way; they are there from the beginning - you don't know them but they are watching your blog. Kind of creepy right? But think about it, someone is actually reading your blog.

Don't feel down because you have 0 followers or a low count of followers; take me for instance. I have 2 followers on blogger and 1 follower on my Google+ and I don't mind. I have only started to seriously write my blog for just under 4 months - I am not going to give up and neither should you. It takes years to become blog famous and I am determined to keep blogging the way I do; I used to blog every single day - I find time to blog. If you miss a few days of blogging, so what? Have a day to catch up with your blog. One day you will become blog famous and one day all your hard work is going to pay off. 

Everyday I read blogs, mainly in Asian Countries. Why? Because I am interested in their culture and the beauty of the places e.g Singapore, Malaysia, China, Japan. Everyone has an interest and for some strange reason, these cultures are mine. I have said many times in my blog that I would love to travel there, and with my determination to become a successful blogger, one day I may have the money to travel over to those countries. I have the determination to do this. Where is your determination?

Don't give up blogging if you feel down because you feel no one is reading your blog. Believe me, someone is. One day in the near or distant future, there will be thousands of people reading your blog and you will feel like you have worked your hardest to accomplish what you have done. Imagine waking up and seeing thousands upon thousands of page views from people around the world. imagine seeing comments praising your hard work and your blog. Imagine the feeling and buzz that you will have that you are, in fact, interesting and people read your thoughts and opinion with interest. Imagine where your career will take you. Imagine it all!

How proud would you feel?

If you really are determined and motivated to become blog famous, then you won't give up on your blog. If you are not feeling determined and you are blogging for fun then fair play, you do that, but for those who are committed, good luck and keep going!

Now are you going to change your mind about giving up on your blog? I am never going to give up for sure. My blog is my blog; forever. 


  1. I'd be interested in your vlog for sure :) I've wanted to do one for ages too but I still don't know of I'll ever make one haha I just love watching them :') also yes please keep going with your blog, I really enjoy your posts, just having a bit of a catch up :) x

    1. Hehe aww :') i know how you feel, i really want to do one but not sure if i will either haha. thankyou! x

  2. Thumbs up over what you wrote there! :)


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