Should I, Could I, Would I?

Have you ever wondered whether you could make something of yourself? Do you wish that you could try and see if you are capable of doing something completely different? Would you go back to College or University if you could? 

For a while now, I have been thinking if taking a year off was the best idea for me. Should I have carried on with my studies and done the Pre-Degree I was accepted on? Could I go back again and do that course? Would I be capable of doing it? Or should I do something completely different and start a new? I don't want to be a scrounger and need my boyfriend to pay for everything, I don't want to end up being a stay at home girlfriend, wife or even mother, I want to be someone and make something of my life.

Realising that I have no proper job, no steady income, no hobby and I am pretty much doing nothing with my life, I want to be someone. I want to make something of my life and not throw all my studies and hard work away - Should I, Could I, Would I? 

I have looked back at this past year, and yes, I do think I should of, could of, would of. I should of carried on and stayed on the course, I could have gotten a pre-degree then applied into University. I would have been accepted into a University and carried on even further into my studies and become what I dream of. 

However, I do think whether I should just keep trying to find a job instead of going back to College. Should I apply for any sort of job just to be able to have a steady income. Could I become what I dream of by just applying and hoping for the best, then work my way from the bottom. Would I actually be able to do this? Should I get a job in anything like: a receptionist, teaching assistant, waitress or try and jump into the job of becoming an Advertiser. Could I really do that? Would I not need to go back to College, and let's say, waste my time?

It is so confusing!

If I didn't go back to College, would I be able to even be accepted into a job, never mind work from the bottom? But what if I did go back to College; could I complete the course and not pull out because I can't do it or I think I am too stupid. I really need help. I think I should sit down 1:1 with an advisor and talk it through.

Should I go back to College and do the course I was accepted on? Could I afford to go back because I will be nineteen when I go back? Would it be worth it?  

OR, should I apply for a new course and start a new? What could I apply for?
  • Childcare?
  • Health and Social Care?
  • Travel and Tourism?
  • Business Studies?
I could try and do business studies because one day I do want to run my own business. Wouldn't it be amazing if one day you see my face and hear my name wherever you go in a certain area, wouldn't it be great to have my name on billboards and on the front page of magazines and newspapers. Imagine being big and running a multimillionaire business - no, a billionaire business! Dreams could come true, all I have to do is try my hardest; one day all my hard work could pay of. 

If you fight for it, you will get it. Never give up.

Working my arse off, doing what I dream of, running my own business, having nice things, having a huge house, amazing car, the career of my dreams and the fact that I accomplished it on my own would be the most incredible feeling ever! Hard work does pay off and I WILL get my dream career even if it made me sweat blood and tears. 

Trying something new could be the best thing i have ever done.

I can see what I am capable of.

If all else fails, I could try something else. 

There is no complete garentee that I would accomplish a course just from trying; I would have to study until my eyes and hands bleed - I know that. If I have the determination and motivation to do what's needed to be done, then I will accomplish what I want; so can you. If you want to go back to college, do it. If you want to go straight into a job and work from the bottom, do it. Do what you want, you can do it.

Things to do, lots to think about! 

Remember, Should I, Could I, Would I?



  1. I think you should go back to college and do your course. That of course is my own opinion. :) But if you need people to talk too, I don't mind being that person. :) cheers and good luck!

    1. I was thinking that too, thanks for your opinion :) yeah that would be great! Tthank you ♥


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