Stressed out

Three more jobs applied for.

Team leader
Teaching Assistant

Hopefully, I will get an interview for the Receptionist Job as it is only round the corner from my flat; it will be easy to get there - no excuses to be late! I seriously cross-my-fingers hope I get an interview, as I have been applying for so many jobs and so far I have been turned down for one of them. Why can't it be easier to get a job like it was in the 'olden days' where people used to walk into a shop or company and ask for a job. BUT NO, in the 21st Century, people want CV's, Cover letters, and Lick-my-arses. Okay not lick-my-arses but you get my drift?

Being turned down and needing a job is stressing me out a lot! I need a job, no one understand's how much i actually need one. I have bills to pay and under-working at the Phones4u Arena is not helping one little bit - I do love my job there but I am not getting many hours. I mean c'mon, one shift this month! No wonder Daniel is paying the bills for me UGH! So annoyed!! 

This is my forth job in less than a year and it still isn't good enough. Nothing is good enough. I want something to come at me with a great wage and great hours... but nooooo... some tosser has to be more qualified or more experienced than me. Where am I going to get experience if I can't get another job in the first place. To get experience, you need a job, but to get a job, you need experience.. common sense is miles from the employers minds. 

I am so pessimistic. 

If I can't get a job then i can't live with Daniel anymore because I don't have money to pay the bills and eventually he won't have the money to pay for all the bills. If Daniel and I live long distance, then we won't be able to cope and there is a 80% chance that we would break up. The 20% is the effort that we will do but with no money, we wouldn't be able to travel over an hour to each other and then we will be just seeing each other once a week like we used to. Yeah you read right, ONCE a week! How mad is that?? We managed to keep a relationship by seeing each other so little. Now that we have been living with each other and seeing each other every day, I don't think we could cope without seeing each other that long again.

I need money to pay bills.

I need a job.



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