The big wheel and piercings

So far this year is going pretty well, but the bad news is that i don't have any work until the 31st January blah! I am currently looking for jobs, I used to be a tattoo artist apprentice but due to some issues, i could not carry on; i would love to get back into it so I am looking for jobs in that area. Also, because I blog, I have been looking into becoming a columnist; I would love for a column of mine to be in newspapers or magazines for hundreds, maybe thousands, of people to read. There is also the basic jobs I am looking at where I can just get working properly again - I need a full time job! 

Daniel is at work and I am stuck at home AGAIN ugh, i am sick of being at home alone doing nothing with my life except do what I enjoy, which is blogging. i love telling you about my life and letting you into my day to day life; I like how you are free to seek information and be by my side everyday through anything. However, though Daniel has been at work since 20:00pm, we have had the whole day together and to be honest, it has been pretty enjoyable and we have done something new together. Want to know what we have done?

Well first thing first: we went shopping but there wasn't much to look at. I got some new trainers/high top things and I love them! They are a beige colour and they have a fluffy inside; looks like converse. I will eventually put a picture on soon of them. Second, we went to get piercings but the piercer said to come back in an hour and a half ugh it was dragging so we decided to go on the Freij Wheel in the Centre of town hehe!

Queueing up
Started to move, hehe was exciting!
Getting higher
Daniel smiling (he feels sick at this point haha!)

Time for pictures of the view!

Feeling dizzy blah!
Piccadilly Gardens
Metrolink lines and tiny people hehe
I felt sick looking down!
The sunset looked amazing

I loved going on the wheel; it cost £7 just to go round 4 times which was quite expensive. The view was incredible and it was higher than i expected so it made me feel a bit sick and dizzy when I was going round. After the first rotation it became fun and i loved it; even Daniel loved going round. He kept trying to rock the carage and say that bolts have come loose and we are going to fall and crash on the floor. It was not the funny 'haha' but the funny 'fuck off' type. He also reminded me of the film 'Final Destination' where things in real life could kill someone i.e a rollercoaster crashing and people falling out, the sunbeds getting stuck then setting on fire and burning the people alive.. yeah, stuff like that!! 

Once we had finished on the Big Wheel, then went and finally got our piercings; Daniel got the top of his ear pierced and I got my lip pierced. After waiting for an hour and a half, it was safe to say that I was relieved to get it over and done with! Tattitude are so good when it comes to piercings and it is the cheapest place in town. Afflecks and other places charge £20 for the lip piercing and £25 for the top of the ear when Tattitude only charge £15 each! Oh how i love cheap - yes I am maybe a cheapskate, haha i'm joking, I wouldn't go as far as a Cheapskate. Time for the pictures!

Can you see it?
Here's a clearer view

Okay I admit it... it kind of hurt... a lot! Especially when he put the needle through my lip ahh! The pain was even worse when the needle was in my lip and Daniel was making me laugh, bloody bugger! He didn't even flinch when he had a needle put through his ear but his bled loads and the blood was dripping down the back of his ear. 

Do you like my piercing?

See you later

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