The day I found Flipagram

I found a new app and now I am hooked... help.

*Warning* You can't view these videos on a Tab, I don't know why. Laptops and Computers can.

Not Advertorial 

At the beginning when I found many people playing around with Flipagram and posting them on Instagram, I thought what a load of rubbish and what is the point in using that app... but as time went on, i gave in and thought I would try this app out. I am now hooked. Why do apps do that? I am perfectly fine without the app but as soon as I try it out BAM i can't get enough of it.

Here are a couple Flipagram's that I have made; some are cheesey but i really couldn't give a fuck. Enjoy!

This is the very first flipagram I have made and I am quite proud of it; I love the song and images. This very video is why I am hooked and why I just need to take more pictures to create more Flipagrams! I need someone to hold me back. Kidding, I am not that hooked.
Do you know that feeling where you make one video but then want to make more and more until you have no more pictures to upload? Well I have that feeling and i need more photos to upload onto my Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 so I can make more and more Flipagrams... searching on Facebook for photos woo!
Don't worry, this isn't the last Flipagram I have made. Enjoy this one. I think this one is pretty good. What do you think??
Now this is the last Flipagram for now so keep looking out on Instagram or on my blog for more Flipagrams hehe. My favourite Flipagram is this one and it is the MOST cheesiest video i have ever made haha. Get you sick buckets ready before you watch this video.

I look forward to seeing your Flipagrams if you ever make videos.


Guess what?!

Daniel and I are looking for a house and we have found the perfect one. The thing is... we need a viewing before we can see whether we can move in or not. That's not the only thing... my twin sister will probably be moving in with us! 

I am actually so excited but I know I shouldn't get my hopes up as Daniel, Hayley and I may not even get the house or even a viewing. Fingers and Toes are crossed though; we have left a message with the landlord so hopefully she gets back to us to organise a viewing. Daniel and I want to move out of this flat as soon as possible!

How exciting is moving into a new place though! 


So Daniel has set off to work and he has also applied to be a Fitness instructor, whilst I am at home being turned down for the SECOND time this week. I only applied to a job yesterday and this morning I found out that I wasn't to be accepted. I have the experience, I have the skills, but NOOOO I am still not eligible for the job. WTF! What does it take to get the job when I do have experience and skills the employer is looking for? What am I doing wrong? What will it take?

The email was actually really polite and they didn't go round the houses to tell me that I wasn't successful, they were professional and honest and I actually respect that. I hate emails that take the piss and get your hopes up but then shoot you down further down in the email. This email i liked because it was honest and straight forward.

Okay, so the email said this...

Thank you for your application for the Waiters Community at **** **********.
We have now reviewed your application and we regret to inform you that you have not been successful on this occasion. 
May we thank you for your interest in **** ********** and with you every success in your future career.

With best wishes

**** *********** ****

See how nice is that email! 

i am gutted that i didn't get the job because I would have liked to work at the restaurant as a Waitress; the place actually looks really nice and professional. It was a brand new French Restaurant and it was beautiful inside! 

Ah well, more opportunities will come a long and eventually i will get a great full time job...

... Hopefully...


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