Traumatic Event that will stay with me forever

Hows your year going so far? Mines going well, just got the new TV delivered today; no more crappy view on the shitty Samsung box TV woo! Got a few things coming up this year - Switzerland, Birthdays, possibly a summer holiday, Lee Evans in October.. I hope there will be more to come this year! Oooo, I may be moving out into an apartment or a house as well! Last year had many bad and good moments with plenty of changes. I moved out of my mums to my dads, then moved out of my dads to my new flat with Daniel. Last year was when i met Daniel and soooo much has happened since then; some people may say we have rushed into things, but look at us now; growing strong, got our own flat, new jobs and living lives like we have wanted for a long time. I wouldn't change this for the world. 

Traumatic Event is further down in the post.

New TV (yes i am watching Teen Mom)

Daniel coloured in my foot with permanent marker

Yesterday I suffered - damn you hangover! I fell asleep a lot, then had a 3 hour nap at 7pm. Daniel woke me up because he said he was missing me awww :') Daniel was fine yesterday, no hangover, nothing, lucky bugger; he drank the same as me! Well, yesterday wasn't quite the exciting fun day but it was a lazy day; Daniel and i watched films, ate and relaxed. We were that bored, I let Daniel colour in my foot with a black permanent marker - it won't come off -_- I have tried scrubbing it off so now I am going to have to keep trying. Smooth move Lauren! 

Quick Question: When are you supposed to take the Christmas Decorations down?

Is it 12 days after Christmas, or now? I don't want to look like a Scrooge if I take them down too early, and I don't want to look like a tit and keep them up for too long....So confused!

New Year!
Daniel and I before we went out

How cute is Daniel on this picture hehe, all mine ;) My New Year was pretty decent! I went to Daniel's Dad's Friend's house where it was packed full of people. There were kids running around but after a while they calmed down and tired themselves out. I have never seen Daniel's parents so drunk, it is soo funny; his step-mum, Tracy, invited me to dance. I said yes of course, what is a party without Dancing? I had a really good night and I am glad I went somewhere different this year. Something new to experience.

Daniel has set off to work; he will be gone for about 6 hours blah! At least i got to spend New Years Eve and Day with him. I don't know what my plan is for today but I know it will be boring and lazy. Now we have the new TV, I will be watching films and my favourite TV shows to pass the time away. When I have the day to myself, I usually blog. I definitely needed to catch up on my blogging and give you followers and readers a reason to visit my blog! A bath is probably on today's list where I can relax and read my new Sylvia Day book woo!

OK! You're probably still wondering what the 'traumatic event' is...
Here it is....! 

Today, exactly 5 years ago, two of my friends almost died. 
Hayley, Loren, Sara, Michael and I were walking round a frozen reservoir but Loren and Sara decided that they would play ball on the ice - like a pair of idiots. Sara threw the ball too far so Loren went to get it but her leg went through the ice, she was in a crawling position trying to get up but the ice cracked around her and she fell in. It was funny at first to be honest, even she was laughing, but after a few minutes struggling to get out, she started to panic. Sara ran over to try and help her out but Sara also fell in. As soon as Sara fell in, I rang 999 for an ambulance and other help. For 20 minutes they tried to get out. Hayle searched for people to help but no one would help them. A woman walked past laughing whilst walking her dog. Bitch. Michael also went in after them, he managed to get Sara out but Loren was still stuck in. Michael got back out and tried to pull Loren up but nothing worked. Everyone thought the worst. Was she going to die? Loren was scratching at the ice to pull herself up but nothing would worked, she tried will all her might and in the end she managed to help herself. She had ice cuts all over her hands. After a while, a Farmer found us searching for help and helped Loren and Sara to his house where his wife had blankets, cups of tea and the fireplace on where they could wait for the ambulance. We rang Loren and Sara's parents. Michael disappeared. We knew he wasn't in the ice, so we concentrated on Loren and Sara's health. After a while, everyone turned up; the police, the ambulance and all of our parents. The police were searching for Michael once Loren and Sara were being rushed to the hospital. It turned out that Michael's mum picked Michael up with a blanket and drove him home where he had a hot bath running for him. She left Loren and Sara!!! The police went ballistic at Michael's mum; I hope she still feels the guilt to this day!!!

Sara and Loren ended up in hospital for hours to check for Pneumonia; they were fine. Thank God! i am so thankful that they are still growing strong and perfectly healthy. I will always love these two girls. I text Loren and Sara this morning telling them how much I love them and how thankful I am for them to still be alive; they are a huge part of my life and I don't know what I would do without them.

Never play on ice!

See you later!


  1. That was one great new year to start! But hangovers are terrible...Happy new year to you! Hope it's not too late. Try using some nail polish remover on your foot.haha.And may God bless you and your friends!

    1. It really was hehe! i don't nornally get hangovers so i was gutted that i got one. Happy new year to you too! :) might try that, just need to buy some haha. thank you, that means alot :)


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