17 hours sleep!

It's so bloody hard to type with long nails!

Not blogged for a while because, honestly, my life hasn't been interesting enough since Valentine's Day!

For the past few days, I have been having trouble sleeping and concentrating and I have no idea why... maybe it is because I have a messed up sleeping pattern. If you follow me on Dayre (dayre.me/laurenohara) you would have seen that  I have an insomnia problem and also that my sleeping pattern is fucked up. On Sunday I woke up at 11am, went back to sleep at 2pm then woke up again around 6pm. I didn't go to sleep until 10pm last night!

I thought if I stayed up then i would be able to sort out my sleeping pattern out and have a routine. I slept for 17 hours last night because I was that tired... stupid thing to do but it worked.
Knowing that i will now have a proper sleeping pattern makes me feel a lot better and I can finally see mornings and do more with my day. I am glad my friend, Loren, will be coming round tomorrow to keep me company, plus Daniel and Loren can hang out a bit more seen as they haven't seen each other for months!

Excited is definitely the word I would use to describe how i feel to finally see my best friend tomorrow! We have lots to catch up on!! 


Would it be a good idea that I do a blogger's chat?

I have wanting to do one for a while and I just haven't been able to do one.

Now is the time to set a date to finally do one and explore the experience; I could meet new bloggers and see their blogs and how they do things. I love new experiences so this can be a good thing for me, I have seen many people do these chats and I have joined in as well - I met a few bloggers on the chats and I would love to talk or meet more.

Okay, doing a chat is a good idea.

Time to sort the plans out and set a date to do this!

You should join in. 

Follow me on Twitter @lnohara95 !

See you later.

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