Excuse me?

Who the fuck do people think they are??

Seriously, give me shit and I will give you 10x more shit back.
 Don't start something you can't finish!!!

I have not seen certain people in over a year and a half yet they think they have the right to say that I 'haven't changed' and then start slating me. DON'T EVER slate me when you don't even know me. 

What gives them the right to start calling me and telling me what to do? Go and fuck yourself you prick. OMG I could swing for some people sometimes! UGH! 

A message to all you haters out there:
If you mess with me or the person you are hating on, Karma will be a bitch and shit on your parade. Got that? GOOD. 

Never mess with people you don't know because 9 times out of 10, they are better than you. Selfish as that sounds, it's true. You haters are just jealous and you can't get over the fact that your life is so shitty. 

I'll tell you a little TRUE story.

So I broke up with my awful ex nearly two years ago and all my old 'friends' ditched me. He was a stalker once i broke up with him and would not leave me alone; i would change my number but one way or another he would get it and text me. When he finally couldn't get my newest number, he decided to email me. Of course i blocked him on that. I blocked him on every single social media I have and he would still try and stalk me. He even got my sister under the thumb...

What I mean is, once I had gone out of his life, he decided to lick my sister's ass (metaphorically speaking of course) and he would be all 'buddy buddy' with her. I warned my sister to stay away from him because he will only hurt her, she didn't listen. My ex asked my sister for sex... yep, wrong right? But he only asked because he couldn't get any by himself (he's ugly as fuck) so I laughed when she denied him...Boohoo.

He tried to stay all 'buddy' with her but in the end he showed his true colours to her and she realised how much of a dick he is. She got rid of him from her life and things were good up until today.

The complete and utter idiot decided to crawl back into my sister's life and sweet talk her into being friends with him again... he probably sucked up to her because no one else liked him... 

My sister put on social media that she had 'cleared the air' with him and I just told her to stay away because she doesn't deserve to be hurt again.. Her 'friend' decided to inbox me and tell me what I should and shouldn't do. No one tells me what to do. So what give's him the right to try and parent me? HA! Fuck you motherfucker. 

Her friend had the cheek to tell me i'm spineless and a muppet. Seriously, this made me laugh. People just never grow up do they haha! He got the message to NEVER tell me what to do or call me. 

People that haven't grown up just make me feel so much more grown up and I have matured SO MUCH MORE THAN THEM even if they are older than me. 

Though I am only 18, I have the maturity of a proper adult. I have sorted my life out and got myself a great fiance, a flat and a job, whilst the muppets that think they can talk to me like shit, still live with their parents and have got no where in life. 

Come back and talk to me like shit when you are at my level!

Again, all you haters can all people names, get them down, but you will never be as good as them. They are way better off as they are and don't need jealous pricks like you failing to get them down.

Haters can eat shit.

ps/ you can't sue me for this post because I haven't named names and you can't prove it is about anyone. But if the shoe fits, lace that bad boy up and strut!


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