Happy Valentine's Day!

How was everyone's Valentine's Day? 

Even though I celebrated V Day a day early because Daniel had to work on V Day, it was still an amazing night and I loved it! We went out for a meal and had wine (special occasion) and then we headed out to the Gay Village on Canal Street, Manchester. I don't like going to typical bars and pubs because they are full of nob heads and creepy people; i would much rather go to the Gay Village and surround myself with friendly guys and girls that won't get creepy and weird. There are no fights, no arguements or drama, and i can have a really good night out!

The Gay Village is actually so fun, and to be honest, i think gay people are so much more fun than Straight people. Get offended all you want but it's true. 

The Bar Staff and the DJ's are so friendly and easy to get along with! My favourite bar in the Gay Village is Barpop! Daniel and I decided that we would have a few drinks but a few became a lot... hehe.  Whoops..  we danced, sang, socialised and met new people; i am definitely applying for a job there. I would love to work at my favourite bar! 

Daniel and I got along with the DJ quickly and he congratulated us on our engagement. I have found that the DJ's at Barpop are hilarious and they are so friendly. Daniel decided to unexpectidely do a shoutout; all i heard was 'Daniel wants to wish a Happy Valentine's day to his Fiancè, Lauren O'Hara.' It was soooo cute and people looked and smiled at us and some of them even clapped - I loved it! 

Have you ever had Trifle Shots? OMG they are so nice. I am not sure what the shot is, but i do think it is a thicker version of Cherry Sourz, but on top of the shot is Whip Cream and sprinkles and it is so tasty! Last night was the first time I have ever had them and I couldn't get enough. 

I love trying new things.

Daniel and I stayed at Barpop until it closed at 4pm but then we headed off to AXM which is also a Gay Bar. We stayed there for a while and we met a cute couple of people and we got along with them quickly; i did find them a little weird but they were fun to hang out with for the rest of the night out. 

Have you ever had Poppers? It is a legal high and they make you feel so weird but in a good way. Daniel had them before in AXM, where they sell them, and i tried it. I wouldn't ever do it Sober but last night was pretty much a one off. It made me feel dizzy and sick so I didn't have much of the Poppers. Poppers is a liquid that you just smell. If you drink it, it can be really harmful and could possibly kill you so don't drink it, just smell it.

Anyway... After AXM, Daniel and I wanted to go home seen as it was about 5am and I was really tired. I do wish I hadn't drank so much because I am suffering today haha! Hangovers suck. I have loved my early Valentine's Day prior to the suffering today though, I don't normally go out properly with Daniel so going out this time was really fun and I enjoyed spending proper time with him.

Picture spam:

 Okay, we had a little too much to drink so that explains these photos haha!

So that was my Valentine's Day celebration.

What did you do for Valentine's?

See you later.

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