Last minute sh*t

No rants, no bad mouthing, no moaning on this post. Happy thoughts, happy thoughts. Making the situation better. Keep calm, don't get annoyed, everything is going to work out.

Firstly, I just want to say a big Happy 19th Birthday for tomorrow to my friend, Sara. I hope you have a great time tomorrow and get whatever you want, like you always do ;) haha I love you though! Sorry that plans had to get cancelled tonight, I was looking forward to it because I have never been on a girls night out with you. Again, Happy Birthday, have a great day, and don't get too pissed!

The plan at the beginning was to go to Manchester with my friend to celebrate her birthday and then after I have celebrated with her I would then go and find Daniel and his friend so i could join them, but now at last minute, plans have changed and it is not happening that way. Pretty dull right? Ahh... but it's not all doom and gloom ;)

Now that plans have changed tonight and I am not able to have a girly night out with Sara and a couple of friends. I am now going to go out with le fiance, Guy and possibly my gorgeous friend, Loren. Though plans get changed a last minute, I will always be able to find a way to have a good night still - no one was going to stop me from having a good time tonight wuahaha! I am not too sure where we are all going but we will figure it out eventually.

Though i have been invited to go somewhere else, I have decided not to go because i am now going out with Daniel, Guy and possibly Loren so I am not going to re-change plans again. That would just mess everyone about and I seriously don't want to do that. Plus, Manchester is better; to be honest the place I have also been invited to is horrible and I can't be bothered with stupid people that surround the area. As you know the original plan was to celebrate with a friends then go and join Daniel and Guy, but if I went to this new place, I wouldn't be able to meet him or be able to get home. From Manchester, the taxi is cheap (£4 ish) to my place, but from this new place, taxi's are about £30! 

I normally don't go out on Friday or Saturday nights because I am skint or Daniel is working, but when I do have the chance to go out, I feel so much better. Staring at the same four walls every single day, doing the same routine and just feeling depressed, really gets me down and makes me feel like I have no purpose in life to do anything. 

However, now I have the chance to feel happier due to the fact I am going out tonight and then I have work 6 out of 7 days next week. I am going to feel so glad I am going to be out of this flat and actually doing something with my life; I am still searching for a full time job but now i am practically full time at the Phones4u Arena, I am glad that there are plenty of shifts coming up - this means more money for bills and for myself woo! 


It's not all doom a gloom.

Wow, this is my first short entry for a while.

I shall post pictures from tonight on tomorrow's entry. 

See you later.


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  2. Hi Kristin, I emailed you a couple of times and I haven't heard anything back from you. Have you recieved the emails?


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