Mermaids - Do we really co-exist?

Are we the only humans that have and still walk on two legs and two feet? Did our ancestors really stay together or land or did a group stay in water?

Having watched a Documentary called 'Mermaids - the found body' has made me optimistic about whether Mermaids are fairy tale creatures or really are the culture of the sea. I have believed we are not the only humans that have walked the Earth for a while now since I first saw footage from a couple of hikers walking a cliff and seeing what looked like a mermaid sitting on a rock then swimming into the sea when it saw the hikers.

Makes you wonder whether Mermaid are real, doesn't it?

This Documentary is amazing and I do advise you to watch it if you are skeptical about Mermaids. A group of Scientists explain their findings in a shark (parts of an animal that they have never seen before) and they tell you how they analysed it. They discovered that it wasn't any mammal of the sea that they have seen before but they found that this animal had hips and joints like humans - this made them discover that this animal once walked on land. Finding little bones and not being able to fit them together until they realised the bones were from a hand, made the scientists want to bring in experts or second opinions. This animal was looking like a mythical creature called a Mermaid. 

Scientists have to stay away from fairy tale animals but this animal could not be explained any other way. Are humans really co-existing with these 'mythical creatures?' 

There have been ancestral drawing in many different parts of the world; in that time there was no communication between each country and culture, so have these drawing of Mermaids been actual seeings in the sea by our ancestors? How can so many tribes draw such similar drawings if they have never had contact before? Have they really seen these mythical creatures?

It is to be believed that Mermaids hide from humans because in the ancestral drawings, it shows humans attacking the Mermaids. Are Mermaids protecting themselves from the humans that walk the Earth? 

So do you want some proof of these mythical creatures? Actual footage has been leaked and you can now see it on YouTube. If you watch the Documentary, the actual footage is on there. 

In the Documentary, there are a couple of boys that visited washed up whales and sea creatures on a beach and one of the boys videoed the other boy exploring a certain animal. Now this animal looked nothing like the other sea creatures that were washed up, so the boy decided to poke it with a stick, (as every child does when he/she is fascinated by something,) and the creatures 'hand' moved. The boy looked at his friend but then the creature sat up and reached for the boy making a scream noise and then the boy runs off. Apparently the Military talked the boys into thinking this creature was a deformed seal, but the boys weren't stupid.

Further into the research and analysis, the Scientists visited these two boys and discovered that the Military didn't think of checking the boy's phones for evidence, so the boys showed the Scientists. What they have revealed, is exactly what the Scientists thought they were researching. 

Was this the mythical creature the Scientists believe roam the seas of Earth?

Apparently Whales and Mermaids are believed to be friends and roam the sea together and help each other hunt. The thing is, the Whales aren't the only ones that Mermaids are believed to be hand in hand.

Dolphins and Mermaids are believed to hunt together and share out the fish that they have hunted. Apparently, Dolphins and Mermaids are believed to be able to communicate to each other through sound and echos and be able to help each other and also talk. How cool is that? 

Knowing this, we believe that humans and dolphins have had interaction for generations where Dolphins help fisherman catch fish and help humans when needed. Dolphins are also seriously friendly with humans, but where did this friendship and communication start from?

Have Mermaids taught Dolphins to help humans catch fish, have Mermaids taught the Dolphins to communicate, care for and befriend humans? It makes you wonder...

Did our ancestors break off and stay in the sea, and through millions of years of evolution, become what we call 'Mermaids?' 

Are Mermaids hiding from humans.

Do Mermaids really not want to be found?

Are these Fairy Tale Creatures actually real?

Have Mermaids taught Dolphins to help fisherman fish?

So many questions.

After watching this Documentary and seeing proof, I am more optimistic about these mythical creatures being real and actually roaming the Earth's water. 

I need to see one, to believe that this creature actually co-exists.

Do we really co-exist with mermaids?

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  1. I think mermaids exists, but different from the way we see them. This is a fascinating read. I am in awe of the wonders and mysteries of the earth not yet discovered.

    1. What way do you mean? me too, i am so interested to see what else is out there. we have only explored 9% of the Earth's water so we have no idea what else could be out there!

    2. I agree with you.The discoveries of our world seems so near, yet so faraway.I mean maybe mermaids are not as beautiful as we see in fictitious characters.They could exist like those in Harry Potter or even as intellectual creatures which we cannot fathom.:)


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