Plans that don't plan out



Things got cancelled.

As you well know, I was supposed to go out for my friends 19th but she cancelled it due to certain reasons, but then I changed my plans to go out with my fiance, Daniel, and his friend, Guy. This didn't plan out either; it turns out that it was too cold and rainy to go out so Daniel and I decided to go to Guys. 

When guys come together, they instantly go on a console, in this case, the PlayStation4. Blah! What is it with guys and consoles??? After a while, they decided to come off the console and watch a film with me, we wouldn't even watch 20 minutes of a film before putting another one in; this happened about 3 or 4 times which was pretty annoying. We gave up in the end because it was just frustrating us that we couldn't find a good film to watch. In the end we decided to play board games.. Yes, board games! Guy picked a game called 'Pay Day' which seemed pretty shit at the beginning but after a while and after I learnt the rules, it was pretty good and funny. The game is close to Monopoly.

How comfy does this two foot slipper look? It's a sheep and it is so cute and I loved wearing it; it was Guy's Mum's slipper. Guy threw it at me so I thought i would rob it for the night haha. I need to invest in one of these!

The next day...

Ever wondered that a friend's house is haunted and they didn't tell you? I didn't think there was any sort of paranormal activity or anything weird that would happen at Guy's house but it turned out there was some strange happenings. OK, the first happening was the night I stayed over; I saw a face at the window and Daniel saw it too - I saw it at the corner of my eye so I couldn't say that it was the trick of the eye and also from being a bit tired. Secondly, the morning I woke up, I heard strange vibrations and noise near the bedroom window but I couldn't tell what it was. Finally, when I was lay in bed, the bedroom door unlatched itself and opened slowly but there was no one outside the room to open it - the only people upstairs we Daniel and I. Daniel saw and heard the noises and the door open but we didn't think much of it; we wasn't scared and we just stayed normal.

Around 12:00pm, Daniel, Guy and I needed to get out the house because we were due to view a flat at 01:00pm; luckily Guy's Dad gave us a lift so we got to the flat on time. To be honest, the flat we viewed is definitely an upgrade compared to the flat that Daniel and I are living in now! Having Guy move in with us will be a laugh and I would actually be happy with him living with us. Anyway, whilst we were viewing the flat, the woman who showed us round was a bit edgy and wanted to rush us; it was like she didn't have a clue what she was talking about! Whenever I asked questions about the flat, she kept saying that she didn't know because she 'doesn't work in the office.' But if she knew that there have been many applications sent in, how does she know if she doesn't work in the office? Strange. It was soon time to go as the woman kept rushing us so we gave in and left. I would definitely consider moving into that flat but I am going to find out more before so.

Have you ever been to the Football Museum in Manchester? If yes, did you find it boring? I did. I only went because it was something to do and Daniel and Guy wanted to visit it. It was better than going straight back to my flat anyway! 

Guy (left) Daniel (Right) at the start of the Museum. They looked at everything they went past, it was such a drag! The Football Museum used to be an art museum and it was so much better then; it was full of different art e.g Manga, Performing Arts, Painting etc. I love Manga, it was fun and so interesting looking at the different types of Art. 

Anyway, back to the football... actually.. Pass....

Here are some trophies and plaques that were in the centre of the museum in some glass tube thing; it was huge! I thought it was quite pretty because it was shiny and the light illuminated it. I don't have a clue what the trophies are for and why a certain team got it. Daniel and Guy will probably know. I have no interest in a asking though!

FC United of Manchester - the only team I support! I couldn't believe a non-league team is in a football museum! I thought it would be like the rest of the museum where it is full of what happened in the 1800s and past matches with other teams. Having FCUM in this museum is an honour and the fans are quite proud to be honest! I love the pink/purple as well hehehe.

How cute is this Womble Mascot? I love this, even though I don't know what team it Mascot'ed for! I love the Wombles, it was a 90s Children Program in the 80s and 90s but it isn't on TV anymore blah! If you go on YouTube and type in 'The Wombles' then it may possibly come up. Wombles are so cute aren't they :')

Daniel and Guy decided that they would draw badges from a certain team haha. Daniel chose to draw.....

.... Celtic... Why would he draw Celtic out of all teams? Celtic is an Irish team and Daniel is English! How funny is his drawing haha, appauling right?

Finally this is when we left the Museum... They decided to take their time and look at everything slowly with concentration.. Just to piss me off a bit... Bastards. Haha! We finally left the museum, got something to eat and then left to go back to the flat.

So that was the couple of days I spent with Daniel and Guy.



Even though I went to work, I might as well not have even been there. It was dead. Hardly anyone bought beverages because the show was 'Young Voices' where choirs from Primary Schools get up on stage and perform, therefore teachers wouldn't go up to the bars and buy every single child a drink when drinks are over £3. That would have cost a fortune! The only people I served were parents. Stacy Solomon was performing today as well because even though children were singing, there were a few acts where celebrities and actually singers would perform to keep things interesting.

The show was live on TV so you could watch it if you really wanted. 

Once my shift had finished, I got on the tram to find around five of my Primary School teachers on there will a group of kids that watched the show. It was such a surprise to see my old teachers that I haven't seen for over 7 years! Having conversations with my old teachers was quite weird; my Auntie still works at the Primary School so the teachers knew who I were so it wasn't awkward. I would have seen my Auntie but she got on the tram before haha!

 I am now home, warm, cosy, watching TV eating sweets and drinking strawberry milkshake.

See you later.

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