V day

How is your boyfriend, fiance or husband celebrating valentines with you?

Do you think he is going to surprise you?

Repeat questions for opposite sex.

Daniel has already planned valentines day, but for us, our valentines day is going to be a day earlier - Daniel has work blah! Okay.

The plan as far as I know is that we are going to a restaurant where we would have great meal with a bottle of Rose Wine. I reckon Daniel will want to get drunk too which I am not complaining about. Hmm.. i am not too sure what else is going to happen but i am so excited to find out!!

On the day, I am going to wear a red dress because obviously the theme is red for Valentines! I wonder what Daniel is going to wear; hopefully something smart but casual. How cute would it be if he bought me flowers... won't happen though because I told him I am not keen on romance and flowers. Going out for a meal is good enough for me! 

Last year Daniel and I didn't celebrate Valentine's Day because we were newly together and I didn't like V day at all. After being with Daniel, I came to realise that a day to celebrate love for another person is what is needed! Here are my reasons why:
  1. Realistically, not many couples actually get to spend quality time together as they work or travel around a lot or they have kids, which as you probably know, get more attention and have more needs that yourself.
  2. Children and teenagers want to find a way to express their affection for their crush. Cute right?
  3. How often do you or your partner spend time going on dates and buying flowers for the person you love? When was the last time you had a proper celebration of your love? V Day lets you do that. I mean by all means you can still do what you would do on V Day on any other day but having the 14th February as a set date to celebrate is a great idea.
Reasons why V Day could be a bad thing to some of you
  1. You are alone
  2. You may not receive anything, not even a card
  3. You don't believe in love
  4. You have no emotion
  5. Heartless
I could go on but some of the other points may offend you. 

Knowing V day is only a couple days away get's me excited because I get to go out on a date with Daniel and spend proper time together, I can see how other people have celebrated (through pictures and blogs,) I see many people's happy faces when they are with their loved one... and... i get too see what Daniel has in store for me hehe :)

Can't wait to see how you spend your Valentine's Day!

See you later.

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