Will your dream come true?

Everybody has a life they only dream of.

Take mine for example; i want a life like Sarah Jessica Parker in Sex and the City who plays the character, Carrie Bradshaw, who is a columnist for a newspaper and has a group of amazing friends that are by her side through everything. The only things that I don't want with her character's life is that I don't want heart break after heart break, I don't want to go through so much sadness, and I don't want to talk about sex in a column. I want to have the friendship, the laughter, the experience, the travelling, the money, the fame, a column in a magazine/newspaper, and the freedom to do what I want and have fun!

Of course I know that a column is going to take hard work, creativity and great writing skills. Don't get me wrong, I would be working so hard to make sure it was perfect. However, imagine just waking up, putting on the most expensive outfit ever, strutting your booty down the street, shopping, or hanging out with your best friends but also getting paid to sit on your ass and write your column?

It's not asking a lot is it?

Knowing that if you work for something, you will get it, makes me know for a fact that if I work my ass off, I will accomplish my goal in life. Everyone starts off small, everyone has to start somewhere; take the people who created Facebook, Google, Twitter and Blogger for example. Look how far they have come. It is crazy how fast people can becoming millionaires and well known, so what's to say I won't one day have my dream life? If they can do it, anyone can do it. 

On the other hand, I would also like to be an Advertiser creating adverts/commercials for clients and making sure they are amazing. Why would you just settle for 'OK' when you can be the best? I have studied for 4 years in this area of work and I got great grades that would help me with this, why? Because I worked for my grades. Hopefully, applying into this area of work will get me the job I want and I can finally start my dream life. I know it will start of small but I will work my way up to become a Manager or have my own business where I can hire my own staff and become a millionaire because my company will be outstanding.

I may be aiming high here and I know your eyes rolled at my dream life, but who's to say I won't do it? I will prove everyone wrong and prove that I am capable of becoming a columnist or an Advertiser.

Some time in the future I may even get the opportunity to work abroad in many various countries. Why stop at one job in one country when you can travel and work at the same time? Wouldn't that be amazing - travelling to different countries but also earning whilst you're there? Learning the culture and the way of life in each country will be a great experience for you and it will be something to tell the grandchildren, right?

What is your dream life?

Will your dream come true?


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