Life Problems

I actually hate living in a block of flats. There is always someone either opening and closing the main door, stomping up and down the stairs, shouting or arguing at each other, and drunken and come in and party upstairs. Plus, it's not as quiet as living in your own house and you don't get much peace.
So frustrating.
I can't wait to move into a house so I can actually live in peace and quiet and not have idiots stomping up and down the stairs every so often.
Daniel has gone to work again; and once again I am doing the same thing as I do every day. I am glad I have the shifts next week though so I can actually get out the house and also earn some money. Plus, I would have something interesting to write about on each blog entry. To be honest, even you know that this post is pretty shit and boring....
.... wait ....there is someone arguing upstairs... oh the joys of living in a block of flats. -_-
 Ugh!!! I can't wait to get out of this place.
Anyway, I am glad I have my own space and living as an Independent Person... does anyone remember when my blog address was something along the lines of, Life as an Independent Woman?? Haha I am so glad it is just my name now. Sometimes I wish I kept it as Life as an Independent Woman but now that I have more viewers and people following me, I am keeping it this way to save confusion...
Where was I? Oh yes. Daniel has been working five days straight but tomorrow he finally has a day off, which I am happy about because he can relax and have his own time to himself to do what he wants. I get jealous that Daniel gets to go out and work whilst I am stuck in applying for jobs which I just get turned down by; I wish I had a proper full time, five days a week, 9 til 5, good paying job. Hopefully sometime soon I will get an interview and a job offer and I won't have to be stuck in all the time.
Have you ever wondered if you are good enough for a job but then get turned down so you think that you are worthless, useless, stupid etc.? Well I think that I am all of them seen as I have been turned down by jobs many of times recently. I have so much experience, voluntary and paid, but nothing seems to work. I am glad I have the part time job at the Phones4u Arena, but truthfully, it isn't paying the bills; I am hardly getting any shifts and I have tried to get myself shifts. More than likely, nothing happens and I am just stuck in like a loser with no money.
At least I know my free days where I can plan to do things where I can either go out, visit family, or spend the day with Daniel.
Daniel got his new laptop yesterday and guess who is using it now hehe! I am so glad he has got this laptop because my little shitty notebook does nothing for me; it is sooo slow and I can hardly blog on it seen as it keeps crashing whilst I type. Plus, the screen is way to small so I can't see what I am doing on it properly; thankfully Daniel's laptop is a proper full-sized laptop and works perfectly. No more slow typing, shitty view, and not being able to do what I want without it breaking.
Maybe I just break laptops... Shit... I hope I don't jinx this laptop.
I'll blame it on the dog... If I had a dog.
Please don't break. Please don't break. Please don't break. Please don't break.
I wish the couple upstairs would stop arguing. Maybe the woman found out her boyfriend is cheating on her. Whoops... have I said too much ;)
I don't see why people cheat. Why cheat? If you are not happy in a relationship, just leave. It's simple.
Don't make the person you are with unhappy and angry, make them realise that you want out of the relationship and then go and be with another person. Don't cheat. It is horrible, disgusting, disrespectful, selfish, and just damn right appaulling. It actually makes me sick to the stomache.
Knowing that people I know have been cheated on, makes me feel so angry and I just automatically hate that person. No one will trust you ever again. If you try and date anyone and they find out that you have cheated before, they won't ever trust you and they will always be on edge. They say people can change, but cheating in the past and being a cheater is what you can never change.
Think about it.
Would you date a cheater?
What if they told you that they have changed and will never do it to you?
Would you believe them?
I wouldn't.
Once a cheat. Always a cheat.
Oh thank god. The couple have gone out of the building.
Time for some peace and quiet, and time for me to relax.
So on that note....
See you later.
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