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So have you all missed me??

Now is time for you to catch up on my life seen as I had deserted you for a little while. It has been about a week and a half since I last posted and I do apologise to the viewers and followers that wait for my posts to pop up on their screens. I have just been soooo busy especially with my new job! Yeh, you read right. I finally have a job, and it is full time. Say whattt.. woo! 

Though it has been a while since I have posted, I haven't forgot about you and everyday I have been itching to get on the laptop and do a blog post for you all! So thankfully today I have the day off work and I can fill you all in with a week and a half worth of posts. Hopefully, this post isn't too long for you to read and you don't get bored. I have pictures for you to see too.. haha! 

So let's start from the beginning.

Daniel's Teddy Bear and onesie.

So Daniel's birthday is coming up pretty soon, 11th April to be exact, so I decided that I would have a shopping day with my Mum and my Nana to get Daniel's presents. It took a while to actually get something because most of the stuff I looked at wasn't appealing and I knew Daniel wouldn't like half the stuff. Thankfully, I saw a Onesie and knew that Daniel has been wanting one of them for a while. I got him a penguin one, well the reason is simple, I thought he would look cute as a penguin haha random right? 

Mum and Nana went to do a bit of shopping as well seen as they were in shopping centres. Why go shopping and not buy anything, there's no point. All three of us went to different shops but I needed a pair of long white stockings because I had a trial for the new job I have gotten. You will understand why I needed stockings later in the post. Mum and Nana both got what they needed so we decided that we would go for something to eat and then head off home.

Before they took me home, I visited my Grandad first. I missed him a lot and I don't have the time to visit him like I used to before I moved into my own flat; I find the time now when I am not working to go visit family, but it will be quite hard due to now having a full time job. 

Anyway, once I visited family, Mum dropped me off at home where I found Daniel still sleeping in bed haha. He was being lazy. It was around 1pm when I got home which isn't that bad seen as Daniel finished work 3:00am that morning. Waking Daniel up was funny but when I told him I had gotten his presents for his birthday and I wasn't going to give them him until the day, he instantly wanted to see them... of course I gave in and wanted to see his face once he had his presents. Bearing in mind, these presents aren't the only presents he is going to get for his birthday, they were just the few and simple ones I was going to let him have early.

You should have seen his face when I showed him his onesie; his face lit up ad he put in on straight away! It was sooo cute!.... But when I showed him his Teddy.... He laughed and told me he loves his presents! Such a relief to see Daniel so happy to see some of the presents. Mission complete. 

I love this picture.

As you all know, Daniel loved his Teddy, and he loves it that much he takes it round the house with him. It sleeps in our bed and watches TV with us. It is so funny but also cute. This is Daniel's first ever Teddy. He is turning 20 years old in April and he has never ever had a Teddy before. Guess what Daniel called his Teddy Bear!....

Alfie is Teddy's name and I actually love that name. It is the most cutest name ever and it is adorable how Daniel named his Teddy Alfie. Alfie the Teddy. Has a ring to it; you just want to cuddle the Teddy! 


So before I tell you what my new job is and what the white stocking were for, I just wanted to cam-whore first. The only reason I took this photo is because I really liked my hair and make-up, plus I hadn't shown a selfie in a while on my blog. This was only about an hour before I started my trial for the new job. I couldn't explain how excited I was when I went for the trial, never mind the fact that I got offered a trial. 

Okay, the job I applied for didn't have a vacancy or an advertisement saying there was a place going, but I decided to send my CV anyway. Within a few days, I had gotten an email offering me a trial. I didn't have an interview for the job, which I was surprised at because every other job I have ever had came with an interview before anything. 

Work Uniform

Believe it or not, this is actually my work uniform and this is what the white stocking were for. Cute right? This is the comfiest work uniform I have ever worn. 
What is the job?
The job is a full time waitress at the Bierkeller, The Printworks, Manchester, and it is the best place I have ever worked. The Bierkeller is a German Style Bar, which explains the dress, it is a traditional Bavarian Dress. Yeah I agree, the dress is a little revealing and it makes me get unwanted attention; I am not going into detail but I can say that Man + Alcohol + Drunk + Girl in this uniform = creeped out girl who needed security to remove certain people from the bar. Pretty much explains it right?

However, though there is times I am creeped out by drunken, weird, creepy men, I really enjoy my new job. The staff are so easy to get along with, it is such a fun bar, there are mostly polite people to serve, I caught on pretty quick, and it is a great environment to be in. Though there are days that a rushed and really busy in the Bierkeller, it keeps me occupied and time goes quickly. There are also days, like Tuesdays, where the bar is quiet and there is not much to do expect serve a couple customers, collect in a few glasses, serve food, and walk round the room a load of times whilst your feet hurt. Haha. The job is fun when it is busier and there are plenty of people I can talk to, serve, and make their night a good one and they enjoy their night out.

I am now a full time waitress, wearing a cute outfit, and finally earning myself money so I can pay my own way. Woo! Time to celebrate!

Happy YearAversary!

Daniel and I have officially been together only a year, but it feels like so much longer because of how much we have both been through. Here is the story of how we met each other:

Daniel and I both met at my Sister's football match (FC United of Manchester) where the girls were playing a match against Manchester City. We were both at the pub with friends and family and the only thing I saw when I looked around was Daniel's big blue eyes, and I mean BIG. They were so big and beautiful that I just couldn't stop looking. He caught me, which made me look away and keep peaking every so often haha. I told my Mum that I thought he was cute, bearing in mind i have never seen him before, and this was the first time I ever saw him at the Girls Match. Mum told me to go and say Hi and introduce myself, I didn't. I would of if he wasn't surrounded by people and I was really shy; he was cute, how could I just stroll over and introduce myself when I knew I would just stare at his eyes and drool? (I wouldn't drool obviously.) 

After the football match, everyone headed over to the FC Lounge where I hung out with the girls and my sister and got something to eat. Now Daniel was pretty drunk by then seen as there was a bar; he was dancing with his mate and I didn't want to disturb them, plus I thought seen as he was drunk, he wouldn't remember me even speaking to him. A man my parents knew, told me to 'go and get him' because some how he knew I had a crush on Daniel by then. I just laughed it off and headed home with my parents.

Now when you can't get the guy you have a crush on out of your head, you try all you can to find out what he was called and a way you could talk to him the chicken way. (Social Media.) I found out what the man that told me to 'go get him' was called, and I found picture of him and Daniel together. I soon added Daniel on FaceBook and started to talk to him. Before we knew it, we found out we had so much in common and the conversations just flowed; we got on really well and we started dating. 

I found out he lived about an hour and a half a way from me so we could only meet up every so often but we exchanged numbers and spoke everyday for hours on end without even noticing how often we actually spoke. We started going to the FCUM Men's games together, and also meeting up in Manchester City Centre to spend quality time together. Now Manchester started to get boring because there is nothing to do except shop and walk around. 

We kept meeting up and talking for hours and eventually we started to get closer. Before we knew it, we were pretty much 'boyfriend and girlfriend' but after dating for around to months, we still didn't label ourselves. When you get to a certain age, you don't label relationships, it jsut flows and what ever happens happens. Eventually, on the 20th March 2013 Daniel asked me if we could be boyfriend and girlfriend and of course I agreed seen as we were together but not labelled. 

So that is the story of how we met each other and got together.

Okay time to tell you about yesterday.

Let's start the obvious way, where I tell you I woke up. So.... I woke up, and Daniel decided to tell me that he has a 'thing' to show me, now I was tired and confused because there is never a thing. I wouldn't budge out of bed because I was still half asleep and didn't want to move, but Daniel wouldn't tell me what the thing was until I got out of bed and went into the front room and shut my eyes. Eventually I did just that and Daniel strolled in with a card, a box of chocolates and some sweets. When you are me, you realise that it isn't your birthday for another two months, it wasn't valentine's day and you can't figure out what it is until it is too late.

I opened the card and realised it was our 1 year anniversary of being together. Of course, I felt like crap because I forgot what day it was but I didn't expect presents or anything and I didn't expect a card at all because we never get each other cards seen as we don't see the point in them. Okay, so in this card is a seriously cute letter Daniel wrote to me which made me cry with happiness because it is the best card I have ever recieved. It explained how much he loved me and stuff like that which I am not going to share because it is personal and I want it to stay between me and Daniel. You understand right?

Waking up to Daniel giving me gifts and the best card ever, made my day a whole lot better and I was in such a happy mood all day. Sadly, I had to go to work so Daniel was left at home. He had his own chill time and have his own quality time to pamper himself and do what guys do. What do guys do when they have the day to themselves?

So that's my life so far for you. 

I will post as much as I can but sadly it won't be as much a week as I used to because I now have a full time job. GO ME! :D

See you later.

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