Long 'lost' family

What I mean when I say 'lost' is the fact that I have not seen or had contact with some members of the family for a long period of time - 8 years to be exact. 

Genuinely, for personal family reasons I have not been able to see them and tonight I have finally found them via Social Media. Now, my family is huge on my mum's side; I have 12 Aunties and Uncles, god knows how many cousins, 2nd cousins, 3rd cousins and so on, and I have no idea how many great Aunties and Uncles I have as well. So having all these people in my family makes me know for sure I don't even know the half of them! 

The only close family I have known for most of my life are my mum's 3 brothers and sisters, but because my Nana and Grandad were married before they both married each other, there are 8 other half-brothers and half-sisters that my mum also has. It is complicated - I know. 

Daniel and I thought of a really good question that would confuse people because of how complicated my family is:

If my Nana had four Children and my Grandad had four children, how many children are all together? 
4, 8, or 12?
Now you would think 8, which is wrong. You or other people would not realise that my Nana has four children with her ex-husband, or that my Grandad has four children with his ex-wife. But also that my Nana and Grandad both have four children together once they had married each other. So all together there are 12 children. 

Anyway, for many reasons, my closest Aunties and Uncles had fell out of touch so I haven't seen them for years, and I have never met any other Aunties and Uncles that are my mum's half-brothers and half-sisters; they don't live close and I have no idea where they all are in the world. My closest Auntie I still see because she lives in the same area as my Grandparents and my Mum so I can see her family whenever. 

Okay, so on my dad's side there are only my Grandparents, Dad and my Auntie. Simple. Thank god. I have 2 cousins which are kids from my Auntie. Now, it gets complicated because I don't know how many sisters and brothers that my Grandad and my Grandma have so I have no idea how many cousins I have as well. Literally is Long Lost Family haha! 


Tonight, as I said before, I have not seen these certain family members for 8 years. I found one of my Mum's sister's family on Social Media so I thought I would get in touch; an Auntie, Uncle and three cousins. My cousins have changed so much and I have actually missed them a lot because I used to be close with my Mum's brothers and sisters, but with time, family problems erupted and, like brothers and sisters do, they fell out. So after 8 years, I decided I wanted to get back in touch and my Mum helped me. 

It is actually a really good feeling when you get back in touch with people you have not seen in ages, especially when it is family! It is like you know they still care and have missed you as well. 

Family means everything to me, and I am a very family oriented person. 

I have completely lost contact with my other family members, but I would like to see my cousins because I miss them. Though I have never met my other Aunties, Uncles and Cousins, I would like to meet them all just to see what they are all like. 

However, I have seen two of my Nana's Sister's but one of them I see at Christmas because she lives hours away near the Coast, and the other sister and her family I haven't seen for years because we lost touch. I have my cousin on Social Media but we never talk, she has recently had kids of her own so she has to concentrate on them. 

Knowing that I am getting back in touch with some of the family members I haven't seen in years makes me feel so much better and a little bit of me feels a bit more whole. They have been a part of my life for the first few years of my life and they are important to me; family is family to me, and I would love to see them again. A visit should be soon in my plans because they are my family and they belong in my life. 

Family is forever.

See you later.

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