Parents and the Affairs.

I just want to first say that these are my opinions and thoughts on this matter.


My thoughts are about the young parents right now. Parts of this still relate to the older parents.

I think it is disgusting how parents smoke weed, do drugs, go out partying nearly every weekend, and drink around their kids. Never mind just the older parents, but it is the young parents too! I know they are young (between 16 and 20 years old) but why would you decide to have a kid then still do all the disgusting things? 

Once you decide to keep the baby, you need to realise that you're not going to have a normal teenage life and they have to grow up quickly. If you want to have a normal teenage life where you can do all them things, don't have unprotected sex!

If you do become pregnant, take a step back and realise what you are getting yourself into.

It really pisses me off how young parents have a child then still decide to go out and get pissed/high every weekend. They need to sort their priorities out!!!!

Nonetheless, I think I will actually be such a good Mum because I know the rights and wrongs and I know I will be a good parent.

Why would you jeopardise the fact that there are firsts that you will miss if you go out and do them things when the first's in a child's life is in their first year? I know I won't go out to pubs and clubs until the child is at least 1 year old. I want to see the child's firsts because they are amazing. Their first: sneeze, laugh, giggle, smile, word, crawl, steps etc. Why would you go out and miss all these important things?

These things are magical.
I wouldn't dare miss any of them because my child will mean the world to me.

I would love to become a parent one day, but right now, I am being a teenager. Well... most teenagers don't live in their own flat and standing on their own two feet. I live with my FiancĂ©, Daniel, because that is what we both chose. We knew we would miss out on some of the things that teenagers do, but that is what we wanted to do. We work for a living so we can keep a roof over our heads, live together, save up money, go on holidays, go out, and one day have a child once we are stable enough in life.

It is the best thing I have ever chose to do.

One day I will be a parent and I will be the best one I can be.

In any case, if you are a young parent, or any age for that matter, and you got out nearly every weekend, drink around your kids, or smoke weed... SHAME ON YOU! You shouldn't be allowed kids! You shouldn't have decided to have unprotected sex if you wanted to live your life drinking and smoking all the time.

Grow up.

Be a parent.


It is the same with affairs in a relationship and marriage. 

Why would you have an affair?
If you are not happy in your relationship, end it, don't cheat. 

What is the point in cheating?
You are just going to hurt the people that love you and you are just hurting yourself. If you are not happy then change it. There is no excuse in having an affair: there is no 'heat of the moment,' and no 'it just happened.'

NO. There just isn't an excuse. You shouldn't be doing it FULL STOP.

To me, cheating is gross and physically makes me feel sick. There is no forgiving when someone has an affair. If you have cheated in the past or had an affair before, you will do it again and there is no turning back. Trust will have completely gone all together and you will never be able to be trusted again by your partner or anyone else in the future.

I will never cheat on Daniel or have an affair because I love him and would never do anything to hurt him. I respect him and trust him. He also trusts and respects me.

Why would any want to jeopardise trust and respect in a relationship? Seriously, if you are not happy right now and want to be with someone else, do the right thing and end the relationship before you seriously hurt someone. It would be better if you left rather than cheated.

After all, if you try and hide the fact that you have cheated before, one way or another the truth will come out soon. It may not be by you but it will come out; maybe a person who knows tells your current partner.

Trust. Gone. Vanished.

Good luck if you are a cheater or have cheated in the past. I would not like to be you.


ps// I have nothing against young parents, many of the people I know are parents and I couldn't be happier for them.

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