Daniel's 20th Birthday

20 years old... 20! How crazy is that. 
Daniel is not a teenager any more and is officially an adult... a MAN. Wow. 

The scary thing is, Daniel is freaked out because he knows that in 10 years he will be 30 years old. Thirty is such a crazy age and makes us realise that time really does fly by and we must appreciate what time we have now. I used to wish for time to go quicker so I could be such an age but now I realise that sometimes I wish I could of stayed that certain age for longer.

Anyway, Daniel's Dad came round yesterday which was great because Daniel got to see his Dad after a long time, and because it was his birthday, he wanted to see his family. Family means everything to myself and Daniel. Unfortunately, he wasn't able to see anyone else as things came up, but he gets to see his little brother, hopefully, soon. His little brother means so much to Daniel and I love the brotherly bond they have! Daniel's brother is adorable and so polite, he just makes everyone happy when he is around them.

Considering it was Daniel's 20th yesterday, I thought I would make it a better day for him than last year. We were newly together and I didn't know what he likes and dislikes enough, so I took him out to a Chinese Restaurant. (FYI Flaming Dragon, Bury is my all time favourite place to go for a Chinese.) 

SO this year I decided I needed to make this birthday better especially because I know Daniel a lot more than I did last year... obviously... and I know what he likes, loves, and hates. I thought that I would make him feel appreciated, loved, and special. 

Deciding what to do for his birthday was genuinely really hard to do, as I first decided that we would go town and go to bars and get drunk with friends, thus I thought about something more simple and something more he would appreciate; friends to come around to hang out, have a few drinks, and then have fun without going all-out. 

The card I got Daniel
He actually guessed what would be on his card. 
"Is it a Teddy bear playing football"
Close enough.

Cake I decorated and the Drawing I did for Daniel
Okay, the drawing was requested by Daniel because he asked me to make him a drawing for his birthday. He gave me no clues as to what he wanted so I decided to draw his favourite things: Alfie the Teddy Bear, and his favourite football team's badge (FC United.)
I am quite proud of my drawing, as I have not sketched a picture in months. I have still got my touch ;)

Daniel loves his drawing but I do need to invest in some crayons so the drawing would look a whole lot better! He didn't expect me to draw this. To be honest, I didn't have a clue what he expected but when I saw his facial expression when I showed his the drawing, I knew I had created the right thing.

The cake was also a success as he loved how I put two different cakes together and decorated it myself. In his words: 'That's a cake, on a cake, covered in vanilla icing and chocolate decorations :D So creative hehe :')'

I am so glad I have done right and made his day better. The simple things really are the best, but they also do have a huge impact on someone's day.

Yummy cake
I cheated OK. I bought a sponge cake and a chocolate brownie cake and popped them on top of each other. However, I did decorate the cake myself with my all-time favourite vanilla icing! I smothered it in so much icing that it is so sickly to eat and you can only eat a bit at a time, but the good thing about that is, the cake lasts longer because no one will stuff their face with cake as they will feel sick. WIN WIN.

Loren and Danny
In conjunction with what I had aforesaid, I decided that celebrating Daniel's birthday would be good if friend's came round to hang out, have a few drinks, and have a catch up and a good time. So I invited mine and Daniel's good friend, Loren, and her boyfriend, Danny. 

How much of a coincidence is it that there are two Lauren's/Loren's and two Daniel's?
We have to call Loren's boyfriend Danny and my FiancĂ© Daniel otherwise we just get confused at who is talking to/about who.

On top of everything, having Loren and Danny round made the night so much better and Daniel really loved it when they did as he loves it when friend's come and hang out and he can have a social night. The whole night consisted of drinking, listening to music and gossiping, as well as having normal chats about each other and their lives. Everyone loves a good gossip now and then though.. right? 

'Smile for the camera'
.... or not. 

Overall, I would definitely say his day was a success! I am overjoyed that I have given Daniel a  satisfying birthday and done everything I had planned to do. Last year I didn't give Daniel much of a birthday because, like I said, I didn't know his very well, but now I know him from the back his hand, I knew I had to do something I knew he would appreciate and be delighted at. 

Going for a meal isn't everything unless you get that person something meaningful and something you know they would love to have/do. Daniel and I appreciate the small things and all day yesterday was just of them. The small things mean the most.

I didn't blow my money on going to a theme park, to a beach, on a holiday, on a night out, or even just spending all my money on one unneeded present just for the sake of it. My presents were what he had wanted for a long time, even if I did throw in a Teddy (it was his first ever one and he loves it.)

Remember, the simple things are the most heartfelt and best things.

See you later.

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