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Now I never thought I would do a blog like this because my blog entries are all about my thoughts, feelings, and my day to day life. I will be telling and showing you my make-up styles that I use and what events are for what type of make-up designs and styles I do. For example, work make-up, date night make-up, night out make-up, and relaxing and staying in make-up.

Date night / clubbing make-up

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As this is my date night and clubbing make-up, I like to go all out. Wearing a lot of eye-liner, three shades of coloured eye shadow, pinky-red lipstick, foundation, eyebrow pencil with brown mascara, and a few generous coats of mascara for the eye lashes. It seems like quite a lot when I write it all down, but it doesn't look like a lot when I put it on. 

On this picture you can see my eye liner going in towards my nose and joining to my bottom eye lashes. The reason I have done this is because I like to make my eyes look dramatically bigger than they actually are; I don't like my eye-liner being plain and simple when I go out on a night out. 

Sometimes when I go to work I will put this much make-up on, but this is only when it is a Friday or Saturday night and I have a long ass day at work. (Make-up comes off easy as it gets hot in the Bar, I don't get much of a break and I don't reapply my make-up.) 

Comments have made me laugh when I have put this photo on Instagram as my Sister, Hayley, thinks it makes me look like a Drag Queen but what's wrong with that? Some Drag Queens actually have really nice make-up and suit it more than girls do. I think Drag Queens rule, but that's my opinion. 

Close-up of my eye make-up that I do on a night out or date night. The difference with this make-up is that I am not wearing any eye shadow but you can see what my eyebrows and what my eye liner looks like; this is becoming my favourite eye liner style and I sometime wear it more often than just on the date nights or night outs - sometimes I will use this style on a normal day to day bases. (Please ignore the pimple on my forehead.) I have also put a generous amount of mascara on as I like my eye lashes to look big, bold and dramatic - matches my personality. I am a drama queen, ask Daniel if you don't believe me haha! 

Close-up of my make-up with the eye shadow. i love golds and greens for my eye shadow as it enhances the colour of my eyes and also blends in with my pale skin colour; I love thick black eye liner tails on the edges of my eyes as it makes my eyes look so much bigger than they actually are. People do say that my eyes are big even without make-up and that my eye lashes are long, but since growing up, it is like I have grown into the size of my eyes and my eye lashes. 

In this picture, my eyebrows are not just my normal eyebrows; I have put brown bronze colour eye shadow on them, then brown eye liner over the top, and finally brown mascara to fit it all together and smooth it all out. The reason I put so much on my eye brows is because they are boring, grey coloured, and I kind of pulled one to many eyebrow hairs out when plucking them so I needed something to fill in the unwanted gaps.

I feel self-conscious if I don't wear any eye make-up at all as I feel like everyone is looking at me and judging me. Personally, I think I look more like a boy when I have no make-up, especially because my hairstyle doesn't help the situation either. 

Staying in / relaxed make-up

You can obviously see that this is my relaxing / staying in make-up and I think my hair gives you a little clue haha. This make-up is simply a bit of foundation, no eye brow make-up, a bit of eye liner and some coats of mascara. You can't see my make-up properly as the picture is black and white but you can also see that there isn't much effort in the style of make-up that is used. 

Sometimes when I relax at home I will just wear a bit of foundation, a few coats of mascara and a little bit of eye liner; I don't bother with lipstick or lip gloss. To be honest, lipsticks and lip glosses annoy me because i like my lips being dry and not irritated my moist. 

I know a lot of girls like moist lips so they put Vaceline, lip balms and lip glosses on, but I will only wear them when going to work or going on a night out.

Another picture of my lazy / relaxed / stay in make-up. How cute is Daniel's Teddy Bear, Alfie, though? Hehe! 

Alfie and Clifford joined in on this picture. I just wanted to show you lot what my favourite lipstick shade is and how much I love the colour contrasting with my skin complexion. Red is not my colour because it drowns my skin colour out, and I think that baby pink and light pinks blend too much with my skin complexion. This dark pinky-red is what is perfect for me.

Work Make-up

Though work is supposed to be a place where I am not supposed to get dolled up and go over-the-top, I do like to make myself look nice and feel confident. My work make-up consists of thick eye liner on my eye lid and the edge of my eyes (to make them bigger) and my eye brows filled in with browny-bronze eye shadow, brown eye liner, and brown mascara. If I don't go to work without my eye liner or my eyebrows filled in, then I will feel uncomfortable and awkward at work. Mascara doesn't bother me that much, but I will wear it to make my eyes look extra big and dramatic.

I love dramatic eye make-up.

That's it for my Everyday Make-up. I hope you have enjoyed it as I don't normally do a blog entry on anything like this!

See you later.


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  1. I really like your staying eye makeup... the eyeliner looks amazing :) please check out my everyday makeup... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_2yvjH16d5U

    1. Thank you :) I'll be sure to check it out


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