Hospital Scare

Yesterday was probably the scariest day for Daniel and I in a long time. Daniel needed to go to the hospital as he was suffering from pretty strong migraines for days; he had gone to the doctors the day before and the doctor advised Daniel to go back to the doctors or go to the nearest hospital if the migraines had gotten worse as well as other symptoms beginning. As Daniel got worse, I decided that Daniel needed to go and get help with the illness. The thing was, we didn't expect what happened next. 

Nurses and a Doctor had taken blood and put Daniel on a drip; I have never experienced someone on a drip, and because it was Daniel, I was really starting to get nervous. The drip is a 1000ml bag of Sodium Chloride and some other chemicals that help as an 'anti-illness' but they also inserted liquid into Daniel's arm which was also another type of anti-illness. It was worse for Daniel because he began to get agitated, anxious and really uncomfortable. Thankfully, a nurse came in with an oxygen mask and wired it up to a tank of oxygen - this calmed Daniel down and he relaxed enough that he lay on the bed and almost fell asleep.

However, the Doctor advised us that if Daniel's migraine hadn't budged and felt the same, then Daniel would have needed a head scan and fluid from his brain would be needed to be taken out and tested via a needle in the back. Now, this was some scary news and I was just hoping for the best - everything needed to be fine and that Daniel didn't need a needle in the back or a scan! How painful and scary would that be though!

After a while of being in the hospital, the Doctor came in and took away the drip and the oxygen and asked how Daniel felt; he felt fine and the migraine had gone completely. The Doctor the let Daniel go home but or now, Daniel is waiting to hear back from the hospital about the blood test results; hopefully everything comes back fine and there is nothing to worry about.

Daniel is all smiles now and is completely fine. 

I am so relieved! 

See you later

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