How much does personality show in a Blog?

I don't think i have ever been  happier  than I am right now with my Blog. I have changed layout, widths, lengths, colours, fonts, pictures, headings etc in the past but they have never really been 'omg I love this' good to me; now that I have changed the template and design and pretty much started a new with the design, I now really love it. It is so me!

Floral patterns are so in right now, and pink, for girls ofc. I love to connect with my audience and point out my obvious fans which are probably more female than male. I don't mind if you are straight, gay, bisexual, transsexual, transgender etc, you are human and you are who you are. I love all my viewers just the way they are but if you check on my blog just to hate on me, then I shall laugh at you. 

Pink on blogs really draw in the girls to your blog and hopefully they relate to you and what you have written. I have pink and flowers on my blog because it relates to me and what I like; personality is conveyed in your writing. Someone out there will relate to a blog and they will read it every time you notify them that you have posted. Maybe, just having your own personal blog layout design brings in all kinds of sexuality because everyone is unique, their lifestyles and looks are unique, and everyone's views, thoughts, opinions and blogs are unique. Unique to me is what it is all about, maybe it is to everyone else. Who knows...

Knowing exactly that there is 'always room for improvement' is seriously obvious to me. I know that when I figure out all the coding and IT crap then I will be able to make my blog exactly mine with no templates and all my design. Right now, it is basic but effective. Less is more.. right?

In the future, I will either have learnt coding and done all the designing myself, or I will hire someone professional to do the design I want for my blog. It is early days so I am sticking to what I know and seeing that there really isn't anything bad with a simple template to get me started. 

Whether your Blog is about beauty, fashion, photography, work, social media, a company etc everyone writes their own way. Some writers may write something similar to what is already wrote elsewhere, but even then, it is still your own. (Of course if you write it in your own words, add your own opinions, thoughts and views on it, and then add a picture (optional.)) 

There are many, many thousands, or even millions of blogs out there but not one is the same. It's like a photography; you will never find a photograph exactly the same as another. You may go to the same place, at the same time, put the camera in the same angle and place, but it will never be the same. A copy is not a complete copy. 

FYI, I have never ever copied anyone's writing, my writing is mine. 

So if you ever think that someone has copied you then just think that they have found your work inspiring and want to be like you. But if there is an actually copyrighting issue, then get that sorted out! 

Personality really does show in a Blog.

See you later.

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