Good luck!

I wonder who will get the 'Very Inspiring Blogger Award...' I hope it is one of the blogger's that I nominated on my previous blog post; every day they write something you just want to read and you never get bored. (Well not every day but sometimes i do read the posts over again. Call me sad, I don't care.) There are many inspiring bloggers out there that I haven't even fallen upon yet, but with whom I have nominated now, do really deserve it.

Good luck!

Being a new-ish blogger makes me feel like the 'new kid in school,' but eventually I will fit in - I hope. I am thrilled to be nominated for the award and even my readers have picked up and I am having almost 300 or more views a day, which is a drastic change to last month. I obviously may be doing something right here.

It's a strange feeling knowing so many people (may not seem a lot to you, but it is for me.) Over 300 people a day!! I have noticed that for the past few weeks, more and more Americans are viewing my blog. If you are one of them reading this right now - THANK YOU, I LOVE YOU! Hypothetical love of course. Words can't describe how I feel right now, but one thing is for sure, I am seriously happy and it is all down to you.

Not forgetting the other people in all sorts of different countries, I appreciate you all too! Don't think I can forget about all of you, you make my blog keep going round and one of the reasons I blog is for my beautiful viewers! I thank you, and I love you all the same.

Now seeing that my views are going up, I must continue to give you guys and gals something good to read and look forward to. I've got to show my love like you show me yours! Tit for Tat remember.

Wow my legs are hurting and they are in an awkward stretched position.

As i kid, i used to be a Gymnast (you'd know this if you have read previous posts going back about 50 haha!) and being a gymnast I had to be really flexible and could do the splits, lean back so my head was between my ankles, and all that jazz. i was training for the 2012 olympics, but sadly had to quit! Boohoo! I wish I could go back, or at least teach young kids gymnastics and give them the opportunity that I never had.

I want to talk about to Today. It might be distressing and disturbing to you.

Okay, so Daniel and I got up this morning (Duh!) and as I checked my Twitter feed i notice the police posted about something in Crumpsall - just up the road from where I live. There had been a burglary but that wasn't the worse thing... 

... a guy had been found dead in a front garden of a near by house...

Horrific right??

Turns out that the guy who had been found dead, could have in fact been The, or one of The, burglars. Karma? (No disrespect to the guy who died or to his loved ones.)

Wasn't a good start to the day at all! The only really good thing about today was the fact that a fellow blogger had nominated me for an award. Chuffed! Though it has been a 'do nothing Sunday,' I have been reading blogs and seeing what inspires them to write what they do. Some people really are talented writers and I do learn a lot from different bloggers. 

Learning about other's cultures is great, it is like they are giving you a lesson but in a way you don't even notice. You see so much beauty in the writing, the pictures, and the cultures. Does England have a culture? 

Being an English girl, I find that my own country doesn't have a culture, but does it seem like that to you? If you live in a different country, do you feel that your country doesn't have a culture... or is it just me? 

I think it is just me.


Daniel has been doing Mock Driving Theory Tests and he was getting better on each try - he catches on quick. I hope he goes for his real test soon so he can be a qualified driver. the bad thing he got told today, was the fact that his driving instructor had just 'quit.' He now needed to find a new instructor asap, but shouldn't that have been the instructors duty? He was the one that quit, so why is it down to Daniel to sort out the mess? Selfish.

The sooner he learns to drive, the sooner he can take me to the ZOO! Okay, I will explain.... we have had a thing that we want to go to the Zoo for a long time, and for some reason, I will check Facebook and see that many friends of mine have been going to the Zoo. Coincidence? Weird... Anyway, though Daniel and I are going to Switzerland next month, we are also going to the Zoo there. Well because... the penguins walk around with the people. HOW CUTE! Do they bite? I hope not!

Haha, but seriously, the sooner Daniel drives, the more freedom he has and the more job opportunities he can have. Plus, public transport really does take the piss and is really expensive.

If you get on a bus round here, you will either get: 
1. a tramp sat next to you sneezing and coughing
2. A woman shouting down the phone rather than shouting
3. High School kids talking really loud, act cool, talk about sex and relationships, jump about breaking things, or causing havoc. I really do hate High School kids.
4. There will always be someone sucking their teeth really loud.
5. Someone always smells... it's like, seriously, have you heard of deodorant? Here, have some of mine. You stink.

Etc etc etc etc!

The Metrolink Tram is exactly the same!

Daniel can be my personal taxi driver - without the expenses - for a while before I can drive also. public transport is pathetic, and it is most-of-the-time late. No wonder people go on about how they prefer to drive rather than go on buses. Sad thing is, I know for a fact that I will probably take about a year to learn to drive, no one can imagine me behind the wheel and I completely agree... I suck.

Though I have been talking a lot today, I just want to finally say that once again, I love all of my viewers and I thank you all so much. Without you, there would not be a blog by me going on this long; keep on reading, and please follow! 

See you later!

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