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The Journey

With the wind brushing lightly against my face, and the sun shining brightly through the car window, The Stone Roses were being played loudly and three guys including Daniel and Robert (Driver and fellow FCUM fan) were talking football. We were on our way to Barwell to watch them play against FC United and it was a long drive; the passengers were excited, including me of course.

The scent of eggs, bacon, coffee and tea, wafted past my nose, it smelt so familiar; it was like a long drive to a holiday or trip. I was wondering if perhaps, like true Mancunians, if the lads would have a few drinks to celebrate how far FC United of Manchester have come in this year's season and how we are proud of them. As Mancunians love to celebrate with an ice cold pint, i was sure they would drink to celebrate the win afterwards.

There is nothing like spending time with the FC family before watching our players beat Barwell until their players throw tantrums, strops, and hissy fits - I wasn't far off the truth. 

Attendance: 1709

Starters and Subs


12. Byrne
14. Neville
15. Fox
16. Mulholland
17. Hazel


1. Carnell
2. Brownhill
3. Lacy
4. Stott
5. Davies
6. Raglan
7. Wolfenden
8. Birch
9. Norton
10. Wright
11. Greaves 

So the game began

As the players were warming up, so were the FC United fans. The cheers, chanting and singing of the fans was electric, as always. FC United's atmosphere was immense and you wouldn't believe how amazing it is until you see for yourself. Just imagine  hearing everthing around you on loud, the vibrations under your feet, the cheer and happiness everywhere you look, and a heart warming welcome to your favourite team. Picture that. Amazing right?

However, the weather wasn't completely on our side; though it was a beautiful sunny day, the wind picked up and benefited the other team, also making it difficult for the other team as well but that wouldn't have changed the way FC United play, and the way they kick ass. 

GOAL! At 21:50 the first goal for FC United was scored by the one and only Tom Davies. You should have heard the crowd roar, everywhere you could see fans jump up and down, hugging, screaming, and chanting with glee! Scarfs were swinging in the air as the fans sang 'ohhh FC United, ooooh FC United!' This is what we came to see; the players and the fans doing what they do best.

ANOTHER GOAL! 31:30 minutes in, it was Michael Norton that kicked that bad boy into the back of the net. Again, another roar, it was electric! In the first half, FC United scored 2 goals, poor Barwell were starting to get stroppy and throwing hissy fit. Number 6 from Barwell was quite that bastard haha! But who gives a shit, FC United were whooping ass!

Sitting next to Number 6's young son was quite funny because he was all hearts for his Dad, as he would be, but to be honest, his Dad is a bit of a twat for doing what he did. He really should have gotten a red card for that abuse!

The funny thing about sitting near the Barwell fans, were that they were slating their own team off more than they were against the rival team. I couldn't have agreed more that they were slack, rubbish, and not making any effort.

With the second half beginning, the wind was not letting up and was swirling round the pitch and at the fans - nothing was going to distract the players though, or the fans for that matter.

Unfortunately, Dave Birch got a Yellow card (60:03), but also so did Barwell's Richard Lavery (60:06) but Lavery really should have gotten a red card after slapping Birch. I really do hate Barwell players, they get on my nerves! 

.... still no goal for Barwell.... shame....

THIRD GOAL! This goal was from Callum Byrne who really did smack that ball in the net. Well played Byrne! 

At full time, the score was  3 - 0 to FC United. Well done lads! I am so proud to support and follow you all to games. You have made your fans and yourselves proud. Give yourselves a pat on the back. Much love!!


Well played lads! *Clap clap* back to you Jerome and Tommy!

Smile for the Camera!

(Left) Norton with the Goal Keeper, David Carnell, who did play well today.

Hey Karl, (Manager) 

*Clap clap* Well done! Astley clap to you too! 

Today was such a great day and I told you (on Twitter) that FC United were 'obviously going to win.' I was right woo! See you FC United players on Tuesday!

Follow FC United of Manchester's Twitter page for live pictures and updates.

See you later.

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