Sacred Lives, Sacred Love.

There comes a day when you realise how precious your family and other loved ones actually are to you. What I mean is, yes you already know family means everything to you and you love them all so dearly, but there comes a time when one of your family members becomes seriously ill that something just clicks - you can't live with out them.

You just think the worst: 'What am I going to do if something drastically horrible happens?' 'What if they don't make it?' 'Will they get better?' 'What will I do without them?'

When the time comes when one of your family members becomes ill, you just think bad things and whether or not they will get better. Love is a very important key within your family and you really do realise how much they love you and how much you love them; they are your family for Christ's sake.

Your life comes to a stop and there is nothing more you want to do than spend time with your family. You stop your plans, you don't think of anything else, your mind just comes to a holt. Why me? Why my family member? Why is this happening? But you have to realise, there are no means to get so worried, it isn't all bad (possibly for now) - your family member may possibly get better and this is just an obstacle in their lives. 

Rewire your mind and think positive things. You know for a fact there is the good and the bad, think the good because it will just drive you crazy if you just keep thinking the bad. Yes you may have your mini break down and cry and do a little crazy fit, but you should just pick up your thrown around pieces, put yourself back together again, and make your way to the happy place you know you love to be. Everything in your life is currently fine, right? Everyone you love is still with you, but you and your family have a possibly minor obstacle to cover. OK?

For me, I have a mini break down and cry myself to the point where I can't breath or speak any more, but then once my mind is done doing back flips over and over again, I put myself back together, breath slowly, think things through and realise that I have important things to do. At this point, I know I must spend as much time as I can with my family and cherish every single possible moment I can with them; you realise you never know how much time you have with them and how much little time there could be before you see that certain family member for the last time. 

Life is sacred.

You must realise this. What happens if something happens to anyone you love, or even yourself, tomorrow or even the day after? You need to do what you can, when you can. Mother nature is a bitch. She will cause mayhem, she will make people cry, cringe, angry, upset, scream, laugh, go crazy etc. But most of the time, she will make things better, she will just show you what you need to learn. I have currently learnt how much family means to me and how much of a family oriented person I am. But most of all, I have learnt how much I actually love my family. 

I don't know how much I could possibly express my affection and love towards my family members and the ones I love, I want to convey this with everyone else who reads my blog. You can never love your family enough; the love for your family grows and grows and never stops. 


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