Should we have a remote in life?

Everyday, of every hour, of every minute, of every second, there is someone somewhere in the world watching either the TV or a film where they are past forwarding the bad times and crap they don't want to watch, and they rewind back to the best parts so they can re-live them once again. 

Whilst making films or TV programs, they record take after take until everything is done and said perfectly - well almost perfectly. If nothing is done perfectly, that's when the Editors step in and cut out the bad takes so the finished outcome can seem perfect.

What would life be like if we could do the same but with reality and not technology?

Life is never perfect but wouldn't it be lovely if everyone could pause, rewind, stop, and forward their lives to their 'perfect' time. What if you want to go back to a certain time when either: someone who has passed away is still alive and you are spending time together, your wedding day, the day you gave birth to your first child, a favourite holiday, basically, a time you wish you could spend as much time as you want in your happy place. Or, if you want to go back and change a poor mistake you have made?

Would this be a good idea?

Is a memory meant to stay as a memory?

Perhaps, some memories are what you want to change the most. Take your ex boyfriend, girlfriend, or husband for example; how much would you like to turn back time and take them out of your life? Just imagine going back to the time where you met them and knew that in the future you wouldn't work out. Life would definitely be so much different now.

Honestly, I would turn back time to a time where I was single, my sister was still playing for FC United's Ladies Team, and I had met my Fiance at least a year earlier than I had at my sister's football match. We can all dream though.

In life we are taught to learn from our mistakes and head down the right path, but if we rewind our lives and take a wrong turn, then there would be even greater consequences to face than what we had in the first place. How would we know when the next important step to take is? 

Everyone has that feeling of regret where they do something where they wish they could run away from, but what if that was the best decision you have ever made and don't realise it yet? That mistake could be the most rewarding mistake you have ever taken.

One HUGE reason I am glad we don't have a remote in life is that people could use it for horrific, self-centred, cruel ways. What if they go back in time and invent something that someone had already planned to do? They will be taking away their dignity, their future and fortune. The inventor that actually created that certain thing deserves their fame and fortune because it was their idea; no one should steal their up coming lives! 

I am all for the idea of having a remote in life just for personal reasons like going back to a time where you are most happy, where you are with the ones you love, where you are at a favourite holiday or place, but i would never use it for evil. It would be tempting, yes, but no one should give into THAT temptation.

What If's are important in life. I have been using what if's in this post. What if we actually do over think the what IF's and take advantage of it? Would you use that Remote and go back to do those 'What IF's? Maybe those What IF's are the worst mistakes of your life and you have to re-use the remote to re-do what you had just done. Is there any point in using the Remote? 

Perhaps you are pondering what ifs…  “What if I had made a different choice?”  “What if I could do that over?”
If we are looking over our shoulder, mulling over our past … we are not watching where we are going now.

Presumably, what if the What IF's are the things we need in life. We should keep the What IF's so that our imaginations keep going and creating different possibilities. Imagine a world without creativity, possibilities, and wonder... wouldn't that be awful? The world would be so boring, dull, and pointless. No creativity to me means the world stays at a stand still. We need creativity to keep the world going round. 

OK now I researched online what people think about rewinding life and most of them said they would love to go back to a time where they were happier, but what happens if you want to pass forward again but you can't? If you had a wish and rewound life to a certain time and you didn't actually wish to also past-forward it again, you wouldn't be able to go back to reality. Imagine being stuck in a time and having to do so many years or hours again. Torture would be the word I would use.

If I had that wish, I would wish for the remote so you could pause, stop, play, rewind, and past-forward. My reason is so that I am not stuck, like I said in the above paragraph. 

Therefore, after thinking about this subject for a while, in my opinion, I think having a remote in life would be a great idea. Sometimes photographs and videotapes/dvds aren't enough if you want to visit a time you were most happiest, or if you want to remove the mistake you did in life, you could do it. 

Everyone must remember that once you change something in the past, even if it is standing on a bug, it would drastically change the future.

What is your opinion: should we have a remote in life?


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