Step-Dad's 40th Birthday

Happy 40th Birthday

On the 18th April 2014, Danny became 40 years old. I bet he feels old now haha! My Mum organised a big party to celebrate this age as every 10 years, we feel we need to celebrate big. 

Since Daniel and I weren't able to see my Step-Dad, Danny, on his birthday, I was glad when my Mum had organised this event. This is so everyone; family and friends, can come together and celebrate this occasion. The place we went to in Bury, United Kingdom was really classy and wasn't 'too much.'

My Mum getting everything ready including the Buffet table.. food... yum! How nice is my Mum's outfit though? A classy chrome bodycon dress with simple black heels.

It is almost impossible to get Daniel to smile for a photo when he is stood by himself. This is the first time he has worn his new white smart-casual shirt which I love. It is so him, but he would normally wear black than white; white, to me, suits him most.

First ever picture for you lot of my little sister, Caitlin, who was busy checking out all her Social Media accounts on her phone. She is a mini me I reckon; I can't go anywhere without my phone and checking it every-so-often. I think I have a problem.

Caitlin is 11 years old, but acts older... most of the time. She is my Mum and my Step-Dad's daughter making her my half sister. 

My Step-Dad and my Mum were still setting up the venue at this point and they guests were soon to arrive. Thankfully, most of the venue was already set up with the decorations, lights, the DJ, the Bar, and the table and chairs. Everything was perfect.

This little lad (he's taller than me, but i'm tiny anyway) is my brother, Kenan, who is 15 years old. (Doesn't look it does he?) My twin sister, Hayley, Kenan and myself, have always looked younger than we actually are. I think that would be a better compliment if we were in our late 20s and starting to get old haha. 

At this moment, around 19:30, the guests starting to arrive by families. First it was my Nana and Grandad, with my Auntie, Uncle and their three children. When I say children, I mean, a 19 year old, an 18 year old, and an actual child. I am glad people, family, and friends started to show up because sitting around for a while was getting boring. 

To me, seeing family, friends and other people, is great because some of them I haven't seen in a while because of family reasons or because we haven't had the chance. I would loved to have seen the people who couldn't come that night, but at least I stilll got to see the others.

I finally got Daniel to smile for the camera even if it was with an awkward pose haha! Looks smart, right?

More and more people started showing up and so the party could finally start. It is great how we have celebrated Danny's 40th and were able to bring the family together; being with family and friends is what you need on your birthday.

Being my age makes me not want to grow up anymore, I have realise the time flies so quickly and now that I don't go to school or college, it seems to fly by quicker. We need times like this need to be celebrated so there are more memories and happy times we can remember when we are older. Memories mean a lot. What would life be like without them?

Anyway, let's get back to Danny's party. 

Meet my Nana, Pauline. She was one of the first people to turn up to the party so it was good to spend some quality time with her without everyone else surrounding us and distracting us. I have never seen my Nana drink before but it's only a Shandy so it's alright. She is so cute!

(From left) Hayley and my Grandad, Jim. Well he is actually called James but prefers to be called Jim. My Nana, Pauline, and my Grandad, Jim, are happily married. It is good to see a couple, especially family, last for years and years and yeeeaaaarrrrsss together. Hayley and Grandad had lots of photos taken by me but most of them were of them pulling faces. Literally, this is the only nice smiling one of them both together.

It was about 20:00pm when everyone else arrived. Bang on time, I think. The DJ had already started playing songs, but when everyone arrived, the lights were dimmed, the disco lights came on, and the music got a big louder and more fun. The Bar was crowded for a little while but calmed down.

I should have gotten a picture of the old man that kept walking round collecting glasses and asking everyone to 'sign in' as the Elton Vale is a members club. He was the most grumpiest, moodiest, oldest man I have ever seen, who thought he ruled the place. It was like he was looking down on you all the time.

He was ugly, old, moody, grumpy, and I swear he didn't smile once all night. Not even once.

Meet Karl, my 18 year old Cousin. He's so cute and ginger (he says he 'Almond' but we all know he's not.) Apparently he has a super hot girlfriend. If this is true, GO KARL! Hehe! 

Danny was getting free drinks from left, right, and centre, and he quickly got drunk, which is funny. Everyone has to buy the birthday boy/girl a drink on their birthday, its our rule! It was like that on my 18th Birthday. Seeing Danny happy was a great feeling and seeing him enjoy himself just made everyone else happy. He was the centre piece.

I hope I made him happy at his birthday party.

(From left) Ryan and Kenan. Ryan is 19 years old and Karl's older brother.

Everyone enjoying the party.

There are plenty more people spread out around the venue but seen as I didn't know half the people, I felt more comfortable taking photographs of close friends and family. 

Everything looks so pretty don't you think? I love the balloons hehe.

Nana and Grandad enjoying a good old natter with their Daughter and Son-in-law. 

I am really happy that my Nana and Grandad came with the rest of the family. Everyone got along and everyone had a really good time. Especially the birthday boy!

Another picture of everyone.

(From left) My Uncle, Mike, with Madison, my cousin.

Madison is such a funny little girl and has such a great personality. She is so lovable, hilarious and she just genuinally makes you laugh and brightens your day. Her laugh is so cute, it's like a giggle. Her Dad, who she is sat on, just made jokes all night and was in a happy mood.

Mike and the Birthday Boy, Danny!

This is the only photo I have got of Danny because he was always getting pulled into a conversation with someone or other, and he was always bought drinks so he was drunk haha. He had a good night by the sounds of how happy he was.

Again, Happy Birthday Danny.

Okay, so at the end of the night, around Midnight, everyone headed off home. I went home in a taxi with my Mum's next door neighbour, my brother and sister, and Daniel. Once Mum and Danny finally got home as well, Danny and Mum, and Me and Danny, headed off to the pub for a few drinks. Daniel and I played a couple games of pool. I won one game and Danny won 2 I think haha. Ah well at least we all had fun!

See you later!

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