The WANT in life.

Today's theme is my most WANT in life. 

Which, in fact, (wow I say that a lot nowadays) is to visit the Asian countries such as, Singapore, Malaysia, Japan, China, HongKong, Bangkok, etc etc etc. 

"Why am I so obsessed?" You ask.

Well let me tell you the main reasons for this, let's say, amazing-obsession.

1. I want to travel. Yes everyone wants to travel, but most of the friends I have asked, wish to travel to America, Australia, Europe and New Zealand. But in all honesty, it seems like these are obviously places to go - everyone wants to go there! 

2. I want to go to the Asian countries due to (i) how beautiful they are (ii) the landscapes and buildings are unbelievable (iii) The culture is mesmerising

3. I want to meet the people in these countries. In all honesty, I think people in Malaysia are beautiful people (male and female) and I don't mean like I am attracted to them and my mouth waters every time I see a picture of them, but beautiful as in the way they are, the way they act, the facial structures, the way they are so different to anyone anywhere else. 

4. I want to go to Japan to see the 'Sakura' trees that look so beautiful in spring. I want to be on a bridge that goes over a river surrounded my Sakura trees. It is so *Disney but is true! 

*  You have seen Mulan right? Well, you will know what I am talking about when I talk about the Sakura - beautiful isn't it? -->

(Image is off Google)

So those are the reasons I want to visit those certain Asian countries. They are my top places to go, and of course, I want to visit the rest of the world too. BUT, I don't want to just visit the obvious places, I want to go somewhere where it is hardly heard of but not where I will go and get shot, kidnapped, or sold for a trade. 

Does anyone want to recommend any places for me? 
Email me if you want to do it privately:

The sad thing is that I do have a problem.. no.. an obsession. It is a healthy obsession but it isn't healthy to crave it as much as I do. Why do I crave to go to the Asian countries so bad?

Someone please by me a 1st or 2nd class ticket to your country. I will be forever thankful! 

As Ellie Goulding says: "anything can happen."

This I believe. Anything can happen. Who says I can't one day conquer my dream of travelling to these gorgeous, fascinating, mesmerising, beautiful countries? I can, and will do, anything I want and no one will stop me. Heck, if Daniel doesn't want to travel to them with me, I will go myself. (He will go with me btw) 

Many people wish things but never actually get off their arses to conquer it, but I am soon to be going to Switzerland in 23 DAYS oh yeah!! I am sooo excited. It will be the first time I have been abroad since I was 11/12 years old - even then I only went to Paris; it was winter, cold, rainy, and i hated it. Maybe if it was sunny then I would have liked it more! 

Now I have re-newed my passport, I am sure to be travelling more, and me and Daniel will be able to travel the countries we would love to go to. Daniel isn't to keen on the countries I want to go, but seen as we will be travelling together, we will both go to the countries we both want to go to.

Wouldn't it be great to just get on a plane not knowing what the country you are going to is like? How good or bad it may seem? The excitement will just be killing you, you will feel both nerves and excitement like you are going to puke. 

Imagine sitting by a swimming pool, in the blazing hot sun, with the blue sky above you, tanning your pale body, (if you are as white as I am) sipping strong cocktails, whilst admiring the view. wow.. just wow... it is exactly what I want. Oh, and with no annoying kids around, just mature adults sunbathing and having a dip in the pool.

Though I would love to sunbathe and do what I said in the previous paragraph, I would also like to hike in mountains, around rivers and lakes, walk the entire length of the Great Wall of China, walk aimlessly around forests to find a cute little hut and meet the people who live there. Or even find an ancient temple. Temples are so cool and beautiful. I love architectural things that fascinate me; I like museums, dinosaur bones/skeletons etc etc; well basically anything that is centuries old.

Anything new to me is interesting. I am like a baby when you hand them something simple. It is effective for the baby because they have no idea what it is or where it originated from; they will even bite, lick and smell it to see what it tastes or smells like.... Don't worry, I won't be licking walls, chewing on a gravel, or walking around like a dog taking in everyone and everything's scent when I go travelling.

I wish... I wish... I wish... I wish I didn't have to stop wishing and be in these countries already!

What is your most WANT in life?
*please comment*


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