Toddlers, Tiaras, and attitude problems.

Happy 10th Anniversary to Mean Girls. I can't believe it has been 10 years since the film has been out already!

This morning I was thinking about the girls is the film and how much of a bitch they all are. It got me thinking about my High School and how different High Schools in America are portrait. None of my High School friends or any of the school girls acted like that. Yes there were bullies and people who thought they were better than the rest, but no one acting like Queen Bee; the nicest person got a lot of attention of course, but she didn't rub it in anyone's faces.

I guess people in my High School were brought up right without attitude problems.

Speaking of attitude problems.

I recently watched an episode of Toddlers & Tiaras, which is a show where American mum's enter their daughter's into a beauty pageant, which I am against of because it is showing all age groups of girls that there will always be someone prettier and better than them. 

The girls think that:
1. If they win, they are better than the other girls, they are much prettier, they have a better personality, they look so much better with a fake tan and make-up on, and having an attitude is the best thing.
2. If they don't win, they are ugly, they haven't got a good personality, they will never be good enough.
3. The only way to look good is to wear hair extensions, slap on make-up, have fake nails, fake tan, fake eye lashes, and to walk around in short dresses and heels.

In life there are many people who think they are beautiful. Some actually are, but some look so cheap that you just want to laugh at them. You can also tell beauty through a personality; a beautiful personality makes the person look so much more beautiful on the outside.

There is beautiful ugly, and beautiful pretty.

Beautiful ugly - this is where the child is beautiful on the outside, but is in actually fact, a gobby little brat with a bad attitude problem and thinks s/he is better than everyone else. When in fact they are not. Yes they may be beautiful in looks, but they will have an ugly personality - this won't help them as they grow older.

Beautiful pretty - this is the complete opposite to beautiful ugly. This is where the child is beautiful in their own way (or beautiful in looks as well) and have a gorgeous personality. They don't have a bad attitude, they care for others, they have a heart of gold and they don't act cocky to other people and think they are better than them.

Whilst I was watching the show, I saw a Mother treat her daughter seriously unfair just because of a stupid pageant. Yes she is already tanned because she comes from an African American culture, but the Mother shouldn't keep her from going outside to play with her brother's because the Mother 'doesn't want to ruin her complexion.' Bullshit. 

The little girl entering the pageant is only three years old and having a little NATURAL tan is not going to make her look worse. She is an adorable little girl, even though she is on the chubby side, but that makes her look so much cuter - especially with those little chubby cheeks that you just want to squeeze!

It showed a clip of the three year old girl standing at the window almost crying whilst she watched her brothers play outside in the sun. I would never do that to my child; she is only a kid, she deserves to go outside and play with her brothers; it's only a beauty pageant, you can't keep freedom away from your child just because of that. It's inhumane. 

Perhaps, the Mother's have taught the young girls how to have an attitude problem because everything they do, say, or even act, makes them look like a little brat. The little girls would huff and puff if they don't get their own way - well the Mother's do that as well.

Some of the things the little girls say are:

"I am so much prettier than all the other girls, because I rock and they don't."
"OMG you're getting on my nerves!"
"Leave me alone, I want to do it myself. I can do it because I am better."
"I am going to win grand supreme. The other girls have nothing on me."
"I am going to win even though some girls did have a good personality, some had ridiculous outfits on that I didn't even know what they were wearing."
"She didn't have the same prettiness as me, she didn't have my attitude enough." - she didn't win supreme.

One Mother was the worst of all! No wonder her little girl had an attitude problem! These are some of the things she said:

"I don't care if her legs don't work or her head falls off, she is doing this routine right."
"This child best have her f****** act together." 
"I don't care what anyone else wants, she will get what I want her to have."
"Do her f***** hair right."
"Her name is Faithlyn, not Faith Lyn, don't pause in between her name. It makes it her sound horrible and ugly."
"She always wins most beautiful, you don't need to tell me she's beautiful. Thats exactly why I brought her to the pageant."
"If I wanted her to just win 'most beautiful' I would have just given her something to wear off the rack."
"Most Beautiful supreme is the most pointless award, I have seen the most ugly child in the world win that award."
Who the hell does this Mum think she is?! You could tell she was in many pageants when she was younger because she looks like a spoilt brat herself.

One Mum was amazing. Even though her daughter didn't win, she said : "if my daughter had fun with it and is happy, so am I." Now that is what a Mother should say!

Beauty Pageants send out the wrong message to the girls and I completely disagree with pageants. I would NEVER enter my kid into them because I want my kid to know that s/he is beautiful inside and out and they don't need a judge to tell them whether they are beautiful or not. I will teach my child that people all look so different, but everyone is beautiful. 

I hope more and more people watch the show 'Toddlers & Tiaras' so they can see for themselves that parents should not teach kids how to 'be pretty,' and how to 'have an attitude,' to make them look better because that is not the case. 

Beauty Pageants are a waste of time and they give out the wrong impressions.

Would you want your child to act the way those Mothers and Children do?

I wouldnt.

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