Very Inspiring Blogger Award!

Unexpectedly, the very talented Jenny nominated me for the 'Very Inspiring Blogger Award' but do i really deserve it? I never thought that my blog was inspiring enough to earn a reward but honestly i have to admit, I am super excited that I have this chance. I am in awe of Jenny and her blog so please go and visit her blog! Thank you so much Jenny!

To those who follow, view, even share my blog, i thank you with all my heart. You beautiful people are what makes the blog go round. Without you, there would be no blog, no more posts, and well, no more 'Life as an Independent Woman.' You all rule!

Anyway, as this is the nomination for the award, there are some rules. So i best get cracking!

1) Thank and link the person who nominated you
2) List the rules and display the award
3) Share 7 things/facts about yourself
4) Nominate 7 blogs who inspire you
5) Let them know you have nominated them!

There are many different, weird, maybe wonderful facts about me, but i will tell you the few that maybe interesting to you! 

Seven Facts:
1. I have an identical twin sister called Hayley, but she is the complete opposite to me. (She is a Tom-Boy so she loves football, whilst I am the girly-girl.)
2. I have a thing for Gravy. Weird right? I can drink mugs and mugs of the stuff!
3. Snakes are my favourite animals, especially Pythons, but I also have a soft spot for Tigers. Beautiful animals!
4. I am engaged to my beautiful Fiance, Daniel.
5. My dream is to travel all around the world, but I would love to visit the South Asian countries; Malaysia, Singapore, Japan, China etc.
6. I try to share my blog as much as possible and inspire others to blog. To me, my blog is a live journal that I put my heart and soul into.
7. I have been talking to more bloggers in both the UK and Malaysia; I love to learn about their culture but also to make friends.

I'm quite a weird person but theres no fun in being 'normal.' What is normal anyway?? 
Okay so I shall start my nominations. Not all of them are from the UK.

I nominate:

Laura - Shimmer of Pink

Riley Tang - Rilestang

Elaine - Addiction

Xiaxue - Xiaxue

Qiu Qiu - Bong Qiu Qiu

Jenny - Small Girl Big Dreams (Not sure if  ican nominate who nominated me but she inspires me and others to blog so she deserves it.

Taylor McPherson - taylor's collection 

These seven bloggers inspire me, and the best thing is, they are all different types of blogs. I don't just read what relates to my blog. I love to read new and different type of posts, even if they are weird. 

Thank you again Jenny for nominating me. I really appreciate it and I feel honoured! Please follow Jenny's blog!  

See you later!


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  1. Aw thank you very much, means alot <3
    Laura x


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