A life with a Secret

Bright green eyes, bigger than you have ever seen, shone extravagantly, reflecting the blue summer sky of England. Her lips, so smooth, so delicate, so peachy, outlined her innocent smile, revealing her missing front teeth. The seven year old girl was new to this area, she wanted to relate and blend in with the people of the street. She curiously scanned the streets in search of children her own age she could befriend.

Her long blonde hair swayed gently in the warm English Summer breeze, whilst she heard laughter of a couple of young boys, the same age as her around eight years old, playing happily behind her house. She was quiet and disciplined, she didn't want to interrupt their fun to go and introduce her shy self. 

Perhaps she aught to pluck up some courage to befriend these strange young boys, after all, she was new to the street and wanted to gain some friends. As a seven year old, small, young, smart child, she would benefit from 'being friends' with the opposite sex. As a young girl, there is nothing more knew than playing games and creating a friendship with boys - it can be called strange to the eye of a young person if all she knows is how to be friends with girls.

Without restraint, the intrigued junior bountifully searched for those who owned such joyful laughter. Was she too going to show willingness with such happiness? She must, she is but a child, a child who wants to explore, befriend and create a long lasting friendship. 

Heartening laughter grew louder and louder as the young child grew closer to the boys. Her stomach turned - she had the butterfly feeling - was she able to carry on and introduce herself? Courage took over and she merrily put a huge smile on her pale, soft, glowing face and said the most simplest, most easy word to introduce herself with. After all, she was only seven. 


Shocked, the handsome young boys stopped playing on their scooters, stood still, and turned to look at this little stranger, but without hesitation, they replied with just a "Hey!" 

Without knowing this, the young girl's twin sister jumped merrily around the corner and introduced herself. She was not shy, she was one of the boys. One young girl was shy, yet intrigued with these young fellows, yet the other young girl was bouncy, outgoing and witty. The young boys were in shock. Two girls right in front of them looked the spitting image of each other. Who was who?

Now these two girls could pretty much read each others minds, after all they are twins, and some of those 'twin powers' people believe are in fact true, but only some! 

Cunningly, both girls looked at each other and grinned an evil little grin; these boys didn't know what they were getting themselves into having them as friends. At short notice, both girls ran to the boys, grabbed their scooters, and of course, scooted away. These twins had a plan of course, they wanted these boys to chase them; they needed to get their attention some way, and being these girls, all they do is cause mayhem. 

As the girls predicted, the young boys chased them but as the girls grew tired, they stopped. They laughed, and laughed until their cheeks we sore and their stomachs could take no more. Whilst the four young juniors stood together, they all introduced themselves by name. 

Big blue ocean-like eyes glimmered in the sun light. Bright red puckered lips outlined his sweet tormenting smile. Blonde hair so smooth it would never tangle. Pale, peach coloured skin blended with his hair colour but making his eyes and lips catch attention. He was striking. His name was *James.

James and this young girl instantly became close friends, they did everything together. Constant 'playing out' connecting them closer. They shared secrets, they sent each other Valentines card, but secretly put question marks instead of their actual names, even though they new in fact who the cards came from, they treated each other to surprise presents, they loved being with one another and they both new it. Their friendship was blossoming before their very eyes.

Over the years, these two young people became closer and closer to the point that they did become an item, but only for a around a year. They both adored and would take a bullet for each other. Not knowing that they would become the big thing in each others lives, they fought, they argued, they teased, they played, they hurt, they chased, they shouted, they loved, they hated, they laughed, they called each other horrific names, they tore each others hearts out, but they knew they will always love each other. The love was just but friendship, nothing more.

A couple more years went by and they went to different schools, spent time with other friends and even got into relationships, but these two friends always stuck together, limb to limb. They were unbreakable. Both of these friends spent so much time together that they were inseparable and everybody knew it.

Cuddling up together with a blanket watching films at James' house was what this young adolescent loved to do. They would share secrets, tell each other about their days, gossip and tell each other how much they hate a certain person - they told each other everything whether it was personal, embarrassing or simply just something in general. Though they cuddled up together, it was never more than friendship; it was what they did naturally. These two bonded so well. 

College came. It was then things started the change. Though they were both still strong friends, they had less time together, plus James found some knew friends, some she liked, some she hated. It was his choice after all, but the young girl became jealous that James' other friends were getting more attention than she was. She hated not having James by her side most of the time. 

James got into some bad habits, which the young girl never ever did. She was merely just hanging around with a group of guys; eventually she became close to the lads too but it was never the same as the bond that she had with James. She knew then that there will never be another friendship like it; she knew she loved him and would miss him terribly if anything drastic happened to their friendship. 

She had yet another couple of years before she found out what that really felt like.

At the end of College, this young girl had met another lad and she became attached, so attached in fact that James and the young girl started to hate each other. She thought it was just one of those days where she would fall out with her friend then apologise to each other and go back to how they were.

She didn't know what was about to hit her.

James and the young girl lost contact all together, she blocked him on all Social Media, she changed her number, she even moved out of the town to another with her new boyfriend. She thought it would be great to start a whole new life with the new lad in her life who she adored. She wanted nothing more to do with him. She thought she would be absolutely fine living with the new guy she had fell in love with. She couldn't have been more wrong.

Her heart bled every time she thought of James, but she shrugged it off as if it was just due to changed. It was good changed. She lived with her boyfriend and started a whole new life, which she knew was perfect, but there was one thing missing.

She thought about James. She thought: can we disconnect and head off in separate ways? Can our chemistry and past float away out of our minds so we can live our own separate lives? We must try, but will it work out? Is our friendship too strong to let go?

A year has gone by but nothing has changed. She still misses him, she still craves the friendship she once had with him. She still cries every time she thinks of him and how they once were together; is this friendship savable? Can she ever get back in touch with him and aid the wounds? Will he be willing to cement the cracks together and rebound with the friend of eleven years?

Mistakes have been made, words have been spoken, hearts have been crushed, but can this friendship be the road to happiness this girl once had?

If not, then perhaps her love for him will be forever there, and she would miss him forever more.

If he reads this, she just wants him to know how much of an impact he has on her life. She loves him, she misses him, she needs the friendship back to how it once was. Is he willing to do the same?


*name has been changed due to privacy reasons.

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