At least we didn't lose

AFC Farklaa (us(blue)) vs Dynamo Chicken Kiev 

Yes, believe it or not, the opponents team name was literally 'Dynamo Chicken Kiev.'
How fooking funny is that though! Chicken Kiev. Do they want people to purposely take the mick out of them and get bullied??

They are brave, brave people. 

First, I just want to apologise for the quality of the pictures; the lighting and my camera phone don't go well together so there is a lot of blurring. If you want to make the pictures look nice and call them 'Artistic,' go ahead because it will make my pictures seem a lot better than they actually are!

There is quite a lot of pictures so bare with me OK? Though the quality is crap, you can still see what is happening! 

I promise, at the next game I will use my professional camera, and I will even video the game rather than take a lot of photos. There will be a few photos, but mostly video! 

Before the game started and all the players were warming up, the weather was pretty decent, but just a few minutes before the game was to start, the heavens opened and it rained BAH! Luckily, the rain let up after about 10 to 15 minutes so it was a dry-ish match and I was able to stand out of the shelter and take photos.

I quite enjoyed the game, but of course the team could have been better. There is always room for improvement(s) and sometimes there needs to be a lot. I am glad the team worked well together and knew what they had done wrong and what they need to improve on. Let's hope they listen to themselves and their manager for the next game.

Second half. 

I didn't take photos in the first half.
Don't ask why. I don't know why.

Daniel is in net because he is awesome. 

He loves being a goal keeper and I now know why. Daniel is so committed to the position; he throws himself here, there and everywhere to save the ball. Everyone was impressed and he got a lot of compliments. It made me feel like a proud parent. Not literally a parent, that would be wrong on sooo many levels.

Anthony Horricks (Manager)'s Nephew

I actually really like this photo even though it is not focused, but it has some artistic features in it and pretty much focuses a little on the main player.


Joe taking on a player


I don't know why but every time I look at a photo of him, I just feel proud!

Do the hoedown! 

Saving a goal

Looks painful.. ouch.

"Oh no, I can't hold myself up. I'm.. I'm gonna fall."

If looks could kill

"up, up, up... nope, down."


Okay, so this is the worst quality picture ever, but how funny is this. 
Talk about being close!

The game started off as a belter but in the second half, the defense started to slack and the opponents ended up have a few lucky goals. Daniel was pretty much left to defend for himself and that's not how the game should be. 

Though the game began so well, the opponent 'manager' or whatever he called himself started saying that AFC Farklaa were just putting in "lucky shots." HAHA! Just because we were winning and his team were utter crap (their goal keeper looked about 48 years old and couldn't save a ball to save his life.)

So the final score was 3-3 which wasn't that great to be honest.

Every player should have looked out for each other. If the don't like that then they shouldn't play. Football is about team work, not selfishness. Players should leave their selfishness at home and get their head in the game.

No one likes a show off or a 'big man.' If you say you can defend and is 'the best' then show it on the field! Don't act all big and then end up falling flat on your face like a complete and utter arse. 

Be a player. Be a team. 

Overall, every player knew they could have played better but they need to put their head in the game. Maybe if they listened to their manager every time he shouts advice, then maybe the players wouldn't be so selfish and they would win the games.

Today's match was a draw, but we deserved to win.

At least we didn't lose.


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