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With le fiance out of the house for a few hours helping out at the FC Lounge, I have time to do what I want to do. For example, have ME time and pamper myself, plus I can watch all of the recorded episodes of the amazing Sex and the City. Now that Daniel and I are not getting out of the house as much as we used to, we spend so much time together and not enough time to be able to do our own things. So when one of us is out of the house, we can do our own thing and not be in each other's way so much.

First off, I need to figure out whether I should move the couch to an awkward position, or wear sunglasses inside to stop the blare of the sun from shining in my eyes. It's time like this when I wish I didn't have lace curtains. They were a great idea seen as lace curtains brighten up the place, though it wasn't such a bright idea now that I am almost blind. Someone buy me some decent curtains.

Time changes about ten lousy minutes before Daniel text me saying he is on his way back. He never set foot in the Lounge before he decided to come back home. Apparently he came back because his friend didn't bring any tools and no one else showed up so he didn't have anything to do. Why would you organise to help out at the FC Lounge and need tools, and no one brings any? What a waste of money and time! 

I guess I am not watching all the recorded episodes of Sex and the City, as Daniel hates it. Hmm.. perhaps I will take a long and relaxing bubble bath. For some strange reason, I have been feeling so heavy, achy and down recently so hopefully the bath with sooth things - it may be an issue to where Daniel has to give me a massage. Maybe that isn't so bad after all hehe.

Tonight is the @LBloggers chat which happens on Wednesdays & Sundays from 7-8pm UK time (GMT). I join every single one when I can to discuss various topics, each topic is different every week and it is a great way to meet and talk to bloggers from all around the UK. People from other countries are also welcome to join the chat, but you have to remember the time differences! 

The host tonight was @thelifeofathinker who's topic was "the importance of stats." Now this topic was intriguing as I also wanted to talk about this because it affects many people in many different ways. So many people joined in and it was great to interact with various bloggers of all blogging types. 

Through these chats, I have made a few friends (i think) and I have also gained a lot from learning about others and the way they blog. There are so many various ways to blog and to promote your blog, but there are also ways to not let your Blog Stats affect the way you blog.

To me, I believe that Blogging is a lifestyle and the stats should not affect me; they don't anyway. I do look at my Stats to see where my reading audience comes from and I see soooo many different countries being named - thank you to those who read my blog. Please do not stop! Perhaps you are giving me a boost to keep on writing and showing me that what I do write makes you happy and you want to keep reading more.

I do however, check my daily views to see what you like to read. Some posts are popular and some are not, so I learn what you like and I continue to write in that line. What makes you happy, makes me happy, but I also keep myself happy by writing about my thoughts, opinions and lifestyle. I do ramble on sometimes like I am doing right now, and I do apologise. 

Comments would be great on my blog so I can have some feedback of what you like but also dislike in each post. You would be a great help and I would greatly appreciate it!

Oh, please remember that on the 4th June 2014, I will be hosting a @LBloggers Chat and I need some ideas of what you are interested in discussing (if you are to join the chat of course.) I would love my readers to join, in fact, interacting with readers makes me realise there are some friendly people out there and I can learn about them. Of course, you know a lot about me from my blogging, so I would love to learn a little bit about you.

At the end of each chat when I know there are a lot of Bloggers online, I do ask people to send me their blog links so I can have a gander and see what their blog is all about. I do comment on every single blog to tell them what I like about their blog, and I am currently in the middle of reading a chunk load of blogs. 

If you want me to read yours, please leave your blog addresses in the comment box. 

I do tend to read blogs in the bath because it is where I can concentrate 100% on their blogs. I am currently in the bath now as you probably already guessed. So far I have read three blogs and given a comment on them because, as you already know, I am very opinionated and I like to let people know what I think about their blogs. Don't worry, I don't leave horrible comments, only positive ones. 

Damn neighbours have had loud music blaring upstairs all day! Turn your crap music down for God's sake! Recently there has been a lot of loud noises upstairs and it used to be so peaceful; I really thought the neighbours were going to be moving out - how wrong was I.

That's not the worst part, they also have a flea-infested cat living with them and the are fleas all upstairs and in the next door neighbour's flat. Daniel even found a flea relaxing on our washing machine before - no wonder I have been feeling itchy lately. Upstairs neighbours need to sort their act out, and the cat for that matter.

Anyhow, in my next blog post, I will be sharing the best bloggers that have sent me their links today, and a description of why I like their blogs so much. Keep an eye out for when I post it, or follow me on my Social Media for instant updates. (Click the Contact Me page)



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