This morning I woke up with a massive headache but on the right hand side and I felt so sick. I think I probably just slept funny, but I think it has triggered some hallucinating thing. Unless it was caused by the stress from having a dream about Zombies trying to eat me - it was creepy and stressful alright! You may laugh.

Daniel left the brush in the front room and as I was watching TV, it was as if a bus stop sign popped out slowly out of the brush so it looked as if someone had cut down a bus stop to around a metre high and plonked it in my front room. As I looked properly at the brush, it went back to normal... strange.

Speaking of bus stops...

I remember when I was in Primary School in Year 6, there had been a new strategy to help younger kids make friends and help them out when you see them playing by themselves. The strategy was called 'Bus Stop Buddy.' 

As ridonkulous as it sounds, I was in fact picked to be one of the 'Bus Stop Buddies' (BSB) to help out the younger kids. Every lunch time, I would pair up with another BSB, put on a bright red vest over my uniform, get the bus stop sign from the cupboard and stand outside waiting to help the younger pupils. 

I guess it was a compliment seen as I was friends with a huge group of lads and I was a really friendly, out-going child and I was able to be-friend easily. This is probably why I was picked to be one of the BSB's, and looking back at it now, I can see I was quite responsible for the happiness of the younger kids - I was also felt like I was quite responsible for those children even though I was only a child myself.

On the subject of 'befriending,' I did use to be-friend lads more easier than befriending girls, and because I was already friends with a big group of lads, it made it easier for the new lad to fit in and feel welcome. Being friends with lads were so much easier than being with girls seen as there is less drama and lads always stuck up for me like big brothers. 

Being with a group of lads meant that we played fun games like 'Big Foot' or 'Slap the Lad' and they hurt when you played them. Let me explain:

Big Foot
Have you ever played Tig/Tag? It is just like that, but instead of poking someone to tag them, you would stand on their feet and hard to make sure it was definitely you that had gotten caught. This game was so fun because you were frightened of having your foot stamped on, but it also caused excitement for the thrill of being able to do it.

Slap the Lad
This was a game just like Tig/Tag and also like Big Foot, but instead of poking someone or standing on someone's foot, you would slap them in the face. Sometimes it was way to hard and I had left a mark on one of my friend's face, and I got in trouble even though it was only a game. Yes I am not a lad, but that was just the name of the game.

As you have guessed, none of the games we played were nice and hurt haha. That's just the way we were as kids and we liked it; the games were thrilling and caused excitement rather than playing the simple games like Tig/Tag or Stuck in the Mud. I think we were quite creative with the games we made up and played, even if they weren't as nice as you expect them to be for a child under ten years old.

Anyhow, let's get to the 'Continued' stage of this post. If you want to hear more games that we made up, please comment below.

There were a handful of blogs I was able to read yesterday and I enjoyed all of them! I have commented on all the blogs but some of them I couldn't because I couldn't find the comment box haha whoops. These are the ten blogs that I had checked out, here are the blog links that I was sent via Twitter to look at:

This blog is about products, beauty, fashion and many outfit of the day's (OOTD). There are many different things Georgina blogs about and I like the variety of things she posts about. Her latest post is about Garnier's cleansing washes and she chooses two different ones to compare. I found this quite useful, even though I hardly ever read blogs about fashion, products, and beauty; I normally read Lifestyle Blogs and posts that sort of relate to me personally. However, seeing Georgina's blog, I actually quite like what she writes about and she will now be one of the blogs I will read whenever it is updated.

As I explained on yesterday's post, Liam O'Dell was the host of a Blogger's Chat and I enjoyed the topic he brought up in the conversation. Liam's blog is about his personal views and thoughts upon certain subjects and likings. I quite enjoy his blog as it is fresh and different, all the topics he writes about are different everyday, but as I picked up, he quite likes music seen as he will post his favourite ones including music video's from Youtube to show his readers.

Looking at the name of this blog, you can already see that this is a post about either fashion or beauty, but when you visit her blog, it is also about lifestyle and her views on certain subjects. Her two newest posts are about her views on drugs and alcohol, which was quite inspiring and great to read! She has also wrote in the newest blog about Vaseline's spray and go moisturiser. 

Bloglovin is very new to me and to the blogging community, but you also need to sign it to Bloglovin to view Nichole's blog. Nichole's blog is pretty good because it is very unique to me and it is also a Lifestyle blog; there are many picture albums you can view from Nichole's life and the newest one is of when she was younger. Her newest post is all about 'over-thinking' which is great because she tells you what she thinks about it and gives you some advice also. 

Cydney is a 21 year old mother of 1 and her blog is about her life. I love this blog because it is so personal and she expresses her thoughts and about what she loves; she talks about different things so i can't really pin point what her blog is about. It has a lot of variety. I like her blog.

Katy's blog is about Lifestyle, Fashion, Beauty an Books. Her newest post is all about her OOTD and her trip to Prague. She actually looks really casual and I love her OOTD, especially the colour coordination - she even let's you know where she got every single clothing and accessories. There are plenty of pictures to view on her trip and I really enjoyed her blog. Some of the pictures are so relaxed and showed she had so much fun where she was and doing what she was doing. Well done Katy! 

Hattie's blog is so funny, even her blog description gave me a bit of a giggle and it was only a short sentence. Again, you may have to sign in to Bloglovin to view her post! I think her blog is about her lifestyle, or anything for that matter. I really enjoyed her blog and I hope you do too! 

8. Miel Cafe
No this blog is not all about food. This blog is all different types of things so I can't pin point what it is about. I would say it is about her lifestyle and what she likes, but if I just say it is a Lifestyle Blog, then I would be wrong. Reading this blog makes me realise that she is quite a lot like me and I like that - I can relate. I enjoyed reading the blog a lot!

'Temporarily Unavailable' I wasn't able to read this so I am not sure what to tell you about it. I may have been given the wrong blog address, but it could just be a technical fault.

The server couldn't find the address, so I couldn't view it. Again, probably just a typo mistake made by the blogger.

Looking at all these blogs, I can say that I love all the variety and how different everyone writes. There are so many ways to write a blog and I can see that none of these blogs re copied from someone else's - unique. I love reading new blogs and I am glad these bloggers had sent me their blog addresses; I probably won't be showing everyone's blog addresses and what i like about them again because it will eventually get too much. I would be happy if people did carry on sending their blog addresses as I love a good new read and learning about other people.

Thank you to everyone who sent me their links, sorry that a couple of them were wrong typos but if you resend me your blog links, I will read them asap! Promises.

Have a great day, see you later! 


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