Good luck lads!

Finally going out today, well I am just gonna be standing around and cheering on Daniel and his team at the football match today!

Daniel is a goal keeper and a pretty good one as well. The first time I ever saw him be a goal keeper was last Saturday at a friendly game. To be honest, I was surprised at how good he was, he was throwing his body around here, there and everywhere - saving some crazy goals!

Hopefully today he can do the same and we win the game and we all cheer! I will be watching them at 19:30pm and there will be short videos of Daniel and his team playing football on Instagram. So be sure to follow me @ lauren_ohara_x on Insta otherwise you will miss out on the clips and Daniel's amazing goal keeping.

Though the football manager is Daniel's good friend, Anthony, he is super proud of Daniel and is actually quite impressed at his abilities in the net. I am also so proud of Daniel as this is what he loves to do, and I am more than happy to support him with what he loves. There is no reason for me not to support him actually, I love him and I will be by his side through every decision he makes - even if it is his worst decision ever; he has to learn some way, like everybody else.

Speaking of Anthony. 

i am proud of Anthony as well because he is doing is second year of the X-Factor. He got into to Boot Camp last year, so he is trying again this year. Anthony knows the ropes of the competition now. You should hear Anthony sing, he is sooo good and he even has his own single out.

If you go on Google and type in 'Anthony Horricks - funny shade of red', you will be able to listen to his amazing song. It is beautiful written and sung and it has actually been in the charts and is available on ITunes. So if you love, please BUY BUY BUY! 

Hopefully Anthony will be shown on X-Factor this year, because for some reason last year, they didn't show him. How ungrateful is that though?? I will be sure to watch thte show this year, I don't normally watch it, but because Anthony Horricks is in it again, I will support him all the way! 

The stupid thing about the X-Factor, is that they will put the shittiest singer through just because they are funny to laugh at, but the actual good single are left to go home and not be put through. Really bad idea. People with talent, ALL PEOPLE with talent shood be put through, not the shitty ones; it is a show about talent! Anthony Horricks has been told he is through and will be on the show again this year.

I am proud of you Anthony! Much love from me. 

(Anthony reads my blog because he's awesome)

Anyhow, the sun is keeping up here in Manchester and I hope it stays that way, but knowing England, it will rain when I am ready to go out. Typically, there is quite a big black cloud hovering over the town, hopefully it blows away before the football game starts.

Even if it does rain, it shouldn't distract the players and they will still play their best. 


Normally I would give you a tasty long blog post, but I am at a 'Blogger's block' today so bare with me OK?

Tomorrow my blog will be longer and more interesting,I promise, so don't leave me! 

See you later


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