Have you found yours?

There comes a time when every body finds their one true love. Sometimes it takes someone heart break after heart break until they finally come across the person they have been searching for, but some people are lucky and find their one true love at an early age.

In the past I have had a few non-serious boyfriends and a couple serious relationships, but at the age of sixteen, I believed that I wanted to be in a serious relationship but I really was too young to want one. My parents told me to have fun before getting into relationships, but I didn't listen.

For a while I was free from any sort of relationship until a couple months after my sixteenth. I met someone at my sweet sixteenth but I didn't know who he was (he was a friend of Hayley's) and I never spoke to him until a few days later. After a few months I begun to feel that I had a crush on him and wanted to be in a relationship. 

Don't ask me why I wanted a relationship with him - I guess it was desperation. He was and still is ugly and kind of looks like a hippo, and I am not exaggerating; Hayley told me he looked like one when I was going out with him, but I ignored it. To this day, I laugh at the fact he really does look like one. Whilst I was in a realtionship with him, stupidly we said we loved each other, but I was too young to know what love was. I never actually loved him. 

After eight months, I started to hate this person. He was not protective over me, he was horrible, he made me feel small, I begun to hate myself, I began to lose weight to the point where I was only six stone. I looked ill, like really ill. I also felt that he was abusive, controlling and was emotionally blackmailing me, so I just had to break up with him - I didn't do it straight away, it took me four months to pluck up the courage to stand up for myself and end the 'relationship.'

I never truly 'loved' the hippo look-a-like. To this day, I still hate that person and really do wish I had never met him, never mind be in an over-a-year-relationship with him. I sometimes look back and just think: "what the hell was i thinking?!" 

Though he was the worst mistake I have ever made, he did in fact teach me a lot. He taught me: to never trust people like him, that I never really loved him, people like him shouldn't have been born, there are men (in his case, "boys,") like him that I should avoid, and that I will hate him forever because he is an absolute arse hole. I have wrote about him in a previous post (check my archives,) but the post was quite far back so happy hunting haha! 

However, I believe I have found The One. For over a year I have been with Daniel and we are now happily engaged, been living together for around eight months and have begun our lives together as a couple; we are really happy together and I wouldn't change him for the world.

Everyday I wake up and see Daniel smiling at me and I believe I put that amazing smile on his face. His smile is everything - I know that he is happy with me and there is nothing that he will change. Sometimes if I wake up before Daniel, I will look at his features for a while and see how relaxed he is being by my side; he smiles in his sleep and looks so innocent.

Why am I being all soppy, you ask? Well, for the past few days I have realised how much I truly love Daniel. For some reason, something has just clicked and my mind and heart is telling me that he will always be there for me and be by my side through thick and thin. 

Have you ever just looked at someone and felt weak at the knees, felt butterflies in your stomach, and smiled so hard whilst staring at the person you love until your cheeks hurt? I have and it was quite embarrassing when Daniel caught me, but he laughed it out and realised why I was staring at him - I am In Love with him. 

I remember the first time we ever said 'I Love You' to each other. For a long time we were playfully just saying 'wuv u,' but after a while, Daniel believed it was more than playful, he believed for a fact he was starting to love me. I felt the same. Daniel was shy, but I wouldn't say it first, I wanted him to say it before me. 

After a while, Daniel finally said he loved me and I just couldn't stop smiling; I also had tears in my eyes because I truly did love him back. Suddenly, a few months down the line, I text Daniel telling him I was In Love with him, and Daniel didn't text back for a good twenty minutes. I thought I blew it, I thought that was it, I went too far and he didn't feel the same - I thought I had scared him off.

I was wrong. The reason Daniel didn't text back until twenty minutes later was because he was in shock. He never thought that we would love each other, never mind have some one fall in love with him; he didn't mind at all that I said it so suddenly, he loved me and that's all that mattered. Eventually, he told me he was in love with me too. When he finally told me, my heart thumped so hard I felt like it was about crack my rib cage open and pounce out of my skin, and I couldn't stop smiling even when my jaw was aching. 

Though there are times where we will argue and call each other horrible names, in the end we always make up and go back to our usual elated selves. We know it isn't all butterflies and rainbows every single day and there will be times that we won't agree on some things and may argue. 

There have been many times that we have argued, I am not going to lie. I am not going to pretend that every single day we are running through daisy fields towards each other, hugging as soon as we reach each other, and then turn and skip off in the sunset. Let's be realistic, we have great times together, but also bad times - just like every other couple. 

This is one of the earliest photos I have on Daniel and I.

He used to be seriously camera shy - well with me anyway, but I finally got a picture with him
Oh god, look at the size of my eye brows! We look so much younger in this picture but it shows me how much we have changed in the past year or so.

Daniel, Me, and Kieran (Daniel's little brother)

Our Valentine's night out
1. We were both drunk.

2. Daniel say's Hey!

3. What am I doing with my face?

Daniel wouldn't smile

Hey, good looking!

This is one of my favourite pictures of Daniel because he looks so relaxed and happy. I am not sure when I took this photo but it is obviously in the last month seen as he is wearing the onesie I had gotten him for his birthday.

It is rare to get a decent picture without Daniel pulling a face.

Not looking my best, but I felt it was time to take a couple selfie haha!


Okay, so Daniel got his new glasses. You would know this if you followed me on Instagram haha. He actually looks so good looking with them. Not that he doesn't without, but you get what I mean.

As you can see with these pictures, I am super happy with Daniel and I believe, as I said before, that I have found The One. Daniel and I have broken up in the past, but it wasn't a real break up seen as we were only not together, at most, half a day haha. Silly, petty, and stupid little break ups didn't mean anything. 

We have always got back together and realised that we are stronger than ever. It may not make sense to you, but to us it makes perfect sense.

As an independent woman, I believe that I have made an amazing choice by being with Daniel and I wouldn't ever change my mind. Daniel is here to stay and that's final.

I have found The One.

Have you found yours?


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