Hey all, listen up!

For those who read my blog every single day, I have decided to post on a Wednesday, Friday and a Sunday. Don't be alarmed, I won't change the way I blog or where I blog!

It is all down to it being to much for some of you to read; I have realised that I do give you too much to read everyday and it is quite unfair that you have to cherry pick which blog to read.

Now that I will blog three times a week and you know what day I will be blogging, you are able to read all of my posts with no mix up and confusion. Plus, you can comment and give views, opinions, and thoughts of what you like, hate, dislike or want to let me know from reading my blog posts. I am very open to opinions, feedback, suggestions, recommendations, and alternative views.

If there is any day that you specifically want me to post, I will not hesitate to post then as well. Though I have been told to put my happiness first, I like putting my viewers first. What is the point in telling you when I will be posting if it isn't good for you? Please let me know when is good for you too.

Please comment below, it would help me a lot.

Thank you to all of you who read my blog - I won't let you down and completely go off what I have just wrote. I don't go back on my word.

See you later!


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