How ludicrous

Yesterday morning I was just typically reading 'Cosmo Reports' on the Cosmopolitan Website and came across this ludicrous article about a woman who asked men to rape her colleague in an act of revenge. It is sickening. Read below.

"In 2010, a former US marine was sentenced to at least 60 year in prison for using Craigslist to arrange the rape of his ex-girlfriend. He posted photos of her with the caption, "need an aggressive man with no concern or regard for women." 
As a result, a man who believed he was being asked to carry out a rape fantasy broke into her house, blindfolded her, tied her up, and raped her, subsequently receiving a minimum 60-year sentence. 
It's a chilling story, and one you'd hope would never be repeated - but here in the UK, a woman called Joanne Berry now stands accused of using similarly sickening tactics to get revenge on a work colleague. 
Joanne, 30, allegedly logged into adult sites posing as her colleague, claiming to be into 'role play,' and keen to 'create some sort of rape scenario.' 
A London court has heard that a least three times, men turned up at the home of the colleague - who the prosecution say Joanne had fallen out with - claiming they'd been chatting to her online.
One even tried to push his way into her home - then revealed he'd been asked by someone he thought was the alleged victim to carry out a rape fantasy at the address, and had even been told to barge into her home.
The court was told that once her realised she had no idea about the plan, he urged her to call police - and Joanne was subsequently arrested. She not faces four charges related to the incident, including attempting to cause the victim to engage in penetrative sexual activity without consent. Joanne denies all the charges, and the trial continues."

Right, I can probably see that your jaw is on the floor, your eyes are popping out, you are disgusted, and thinking that the woman deserves to be shot; this is exactly how I feel right now anyway. Why would anyone be so sick and twisted to seek revenge in such a manner? If you want to do revenge right, you either spit in her coffee, put toothpaste in her shampoo bottles, creep into her room at night and shave both her eyebrows and hair off, or sleep with her lover... okay the last one was a joke, jeez, don't bite my head off! 

What goes through her mind to want to get revenge in such a horrible way? Why would you instantly think "rape" when there are more better ways to seek revenge without being sick-minded.

There shouldn't even be revenge, apparently in the article, it was a 'falling out' so instead of seeking revenge, why didn't she sit the girl down and talk to her face to face like a man? Haha, some women can't sit down and talk without there being a cat fight, unless you're like me and either hold a grudge, or sit her down and talk. Yes, I am a woman, and I can talk to another without having a cat fight. Shocked?

I am actually so glad that the man urged the victim to call the police and report Joanne. Though the trial is still continuing,  I hope in the end, Joanne gets a long-ass sentence and gets raped by the other women in the prison. It is horrible, but she would deserve it. Tit for Tat, bitch.

Once I read articles on the Cosmo Website, I decided to read Sky News and checked out the 'Strange' section. To read the strange section, I do come across the most weirdest things, but this one topped them all today. This article is about a man who was denied the right to marry his laptop. Yes, his laptop! How wrong! Read below:
Chris Sevier filed a 50-page motion to the 10th US Circuit Court of Appeal because he was denied the right to marry his MacBook "machine spouse" by Utah officials. 
He argues the love he has for the "porn-filled" Apple device is no different to that shared between gay partners. 
The move is an intervention in a separate lawsuit challenging the state's same-sex marriage ban. 
In his motion, Mr Sevier wrote: "They discriminated against me when they rejected my request to marry my computer. 
"I approached the Utah clerk to have a marriage licence issued for me and my machine-spouse. 
"The clerk denied my request for a marriage licence … my object of affection was outside the scope of the narrow definition." 
He added: "If anything, my marriage to a machine possesses less of a risk, since a possible acrimonious divorce proceeding could be avoided, if the marriage fails." 
Last year Mr Sevier filed a lawsuit trying to intervene in similar circumstances in Florida. 
The judge threw out his challenge, suggesting it was "removed from reality" and saying it had "no place" in the ongoing lawsuit. 
Mr Sevier has previously tried to sue TV network A&E for firing Duck Dynasty's Phil Robertson in the wake of homophobic comments. 
And he also attempted to claim damages from Apple for failing to add a "safe mode" to his computer, which he said led to his pornography addiction.""

When I read things like this, I instantly ask myself: 
"What is going through their heads?" 
"What makes them want to marry an object rather than a person?"
"What is the laptop breaks and never comes back on again? The person is bound to it unless he divorces it."

But then the weird questions come out and I ask myself: 
"How does he have sexual intercourse?"
"Does he rub it against the laptop?" 
Oh it is soooo wrong on sooo many levels! 

Why would anyone want to marry an object? I heard on the news a year or so ago that there was a woman who legally married her house! A HOUSE! There was another woman who married a fairest wheel.


What is wrong with these people? No, let me just re-frase that... What is right with these people?

I love my phone to the point where I don't put it down but you wont ever see me marrying it. If you love an object, you protect it, you look after it, you don't ever let anyone touch it in case they break it, and you keep it safe from damage. Okay it sounds a lot like a relationship, but it is technology, it is an object, it is NOT marriage material.

This must be a joke, no one can really want to marry an object because they love it that much. If I worked in a court and there was a case about someone wanting marry something so ludicrous, I would invite them in, tell them they are messed in the head, laugh in their face, and then tell them to get out of my court, get a life, find a woman/man and marry them.... or send them to an Asylum. 

I couldn't help but laugh at this ridiculous man. Seriously, he should give his head a wobble.

I wonder what strange and hilarious news there will be tomorrow.

See you later!


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