If I was rich

If I was rich ... like GAZILLIONAIRE RICH.. I would: 

1. Find an amazing Island and buy it. It has to be be white sand, with a clear turquoise sea which has pink dolphins, whales and other beautiful fish swimming in it. There must be palm trees circling my amazing Mansion in the centre. I will have Apes being free to run, climb and jump around eating bananas; I would teach them to talk so they can tell me how pretty I am every single day.

2. Buy the most expensive, most amazing, most gorgeous car ever created and grind against it until the paint job comes off, pay it to be repainted and grind all over again because I would be so in love with it.

3. Swim naked in my own ocean (yes, I would own an ocean, predator free) 

4. Sky dive with Robert Downey Jnr...naked...? Ha joking! In a bikini because then we would land on my Island and sunbath together, whilst sipping cocktails and having my Butler (Ryan Gosling) wait on us.... topless of course.

5. Buy Daniel the same car but in a different colour and let him grind against it until the paint comes off, then pay to re-paint it, so he can grind on it all over again.

6. I would by all the South Asian countries.

7. Buy huts for the poor African children and give them food.

8. Build myself another Island, get people to built huge business buildings, houses, parks, swimming pools etc.. and earn more money off that so I will be extra extra extra rich.

For the points below

9. I will get a boob job; not too big, I don't want to suffer.

10. I will get a nose job (i) remove the point off the bottom (ii) remove the bump off the bridge.. it's big. (iii) Push the bottom of my nose up a little bit.

11. I will make myself look amazing, not cheap, not plastic, just AMAZING.

12. Buy expensive designer dresses and Sarah Jessica Parker's heels. 

13. Buy as many bags as I want, all designer of course.

14. Buy extremely long blonde real-hair extensions and get them weaved in

15. Look as rich as I can, but not cheap.

16. Buy Daniel what ever he wants as long as he doesn't blow all my money - i'm horrible like that. Hey, "don't look at me in that tone of voice", (as Daniel says) at least i am buying him presents.

17. I would get the most endangered species and keep them all on a separate HUGE island until they are not endangered anymore.

18. I would get myself a pet Tiger because I think they are beautiful animals.

Yes... Yes.. I know.. Most of them points are for me because I am so self-centred and want to make myself look sooo amazing that men will drool over me, but it will be 'tough luck' because I would have married Daniel and he will be the only one for me.

I would look incredible, Daniel will be incredible, I would do whatever and buy whatever I wanted. You would all bow down to me (i'm kidding) and make me you leader; don't worry, i wouldn't be a horrible leader. I know what life is like as a middle class person, so I would help you and make your lives better.

To be fair, I don't put myself first at all. I always try to make others happy before myself - which has it's perks and it's sad times. It can put me in a bit of a *kerfuffle. If I try and make everyone happy at the same time, I will always end up hurting one person whether I meant it or not. The sadist part is, I never have time to make myself happy.

So to make myself happy if I was a Gazillionaire, I would buy whatever I wanted and be a selfish bitch because I could and because i'd deserve it. 

They say: "money can't buy happiness." It can.

What you need in life is the love from family, friends, and even a loved boyfriend/girlfriend/ husband/wife/fiance, and money. Wallah *abracadabra* happiness.

If you had Gazillions amount of money, you would do everything you wanted to do before you died. You should live your own life, even if you don't have much money - listen to Steve Jobs!

Your time is limited, so don’t waste it living someone else’s life…

- Steve Jobs


*kerfuffle: in a big mess

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