Jenny - the creater of 'The Sunday Funday Challenge'

Finally Daniel is so close to driving! Thank God.

He was practicing his Theory test online before, but on my super slow laptop so he was getting pretty frustrated. Though I am using the laptop now, I am used to it playing up so I am not as frustrated as he is; as long as I can blog by the end of the day ready to post for the following morning, I am fine and it is all good and dandy. 

Anyhow, Daniel will be taking the real Theory test on Monday. I hope he passes, then he can take his driving test and be able to pass. We have been waiting ages for one of us to be able to drive, but it was always down to Daniel because i have never been behind the wheel before and honestly, I am too scared. I just think that I am going to crash on my first driving lesson and it will be a waste of money if I carry on doing lessons.

I am glad Daniel has almost come to the end of his lessons and soon be able to take both tests. We both hate public transport so being able to drive will be amazing and much more better for us!

On holidays, especially Christmas, there is no public transport running so we have to get our parents to pick us up and it was not convenient for any of us. It will be so much easier than our parents driving round back and forth when Daniel and I will be able to drive ourselves.

Perhaps, when Daniel passes his tests, we may be able to go on long drives or even go on holidays down South with our friends. Now that would be a great thing. Everyone says 'it's all about the journey,' well when Daniel has got his driving license and a car, then we will be able to create our own journey memories. It is so close to being Summer time so I am even more excited for Daniel to get his license - I think I am more excited for Daniel to get his license than he is!

We can even drive to theme parks, the Zoo, or to away games for FC United without being cramped on a coach full of loud people. Okay, I have a thing for the Zoo.

Speaking of the Zoo, it is only ELEVEN DAYS until the day me and Daniel go to Switzerland woo! So that means, only ten days until we get to go to the Zoo there; the penguins walk around with the humans, so who would not want to go there?

Imagine just walking around looking at all the other animals and you just spot a group of penguins waddling right next to you enjoying themselves as much as we are. I might steal a penguin, shove it in my suitcase and pretend it is a toy so I can smuggle it back to England. (I hope you have the same type of humour as me and you haven't just taken that seriously.)

It has been constantly raining for the past couple days here in Manchester, and I mean RAINING. The rain was hitting the windows as if every single drop had a sledge hammer and were banging on the windows to get through. Even Hayley couldn't sleep last night because of how hard the rain was - stupid English weather. 

Luckily today the rain has subsided and the sun has come out of hibernation. Even though I am not going out today, it is good to see some sun outside - it makes my mood better and more cheerful. Perhaps Summer is finally coming to England and we can all enjoy the blazing sun, sun bathing, having water fights, seeing children run to the ice cream van, watching the ice cream melt so quickly they look like dogs catching all the drops, and seeing everyone get a gorgeous natural tan. 

Who am I kidding. Sun? England? Hot? Tans? Don't be ridonkulous. HAHA! Oh god, I do make myself giggle sometimes.

Oh, whoops. Spoke too soon! It's raining again. Why am I even talking about the weather? Are we on a first date and running out of options on what to talk about?

Let's start talking about the main thing I want to talk to you about today, which is in fact that a fellow blogger has set up a 'Sunday Funday Challenge.' Now I normally don't do these challenges but this one is better than what I have participated in before - let me show you why. 

Jenny has set this up so please click on her name to take part! I have copied and pasted what she has said and what the challenge is all about, so you can see for yourself before you take part. Here is some of what she has written today on her blog:

"Welcome to the first ‘Sunday Funday Challenge!’ 
For those of you unaware, I have set up this challenge myself in order to help you find new blogs that you will love, and to help promote your own blog posts to a different audience. 
Here’s how it works: 
1) Every Sunday I will post a blog post entitled ‘Sunday Funday Challenge’.
2) Every Sunday, you pick one blog post of your choice from your own blog, which you want to share with people. Copy and paste the URL into the comments section below in order to share it with other Sunday Funday participants.
3) Each Sunday, pick a different post from the week before, which you want to share. 
It’s as simple as that! 
Invite others to read your favourite posts, comment on blog posts which you love, and promote yourself. 
If you have a Twitter account, share the challenge with your followers and use the hashtag #SundayFundayChallenge – The more the merrier and all bloggers are welcome!"

Who wants to take part?

So far there have been a lot of people taking part and it is only the first day of the Challenge! I am surprised at how many people have already started the challenge, so I can't imagine how happy Jenny is that her challenge is becoming big and getting known in other Social Media. I am so happy for her!

I have already participated, you can too! Jenny is such a nice girl and I do love her blog posts. If you have WordPress, you can follow her, or if you have twitter you can follow her at: @bigdreams1993 for constant updates on her posts and what she is up to. She is genuinely a really nice girl and I do get a long with her and support her with her writing. Follow me too at: @lnohara95 for updates on my personal life or to simply and easily get in touch. 

I think the challenge that Jenny has set up is an easy way for people to promote themselves and their blogs as well as to make friends and interact with fellow bloggers, as well as exploring and following other blogs out there.

I, myself, have got in touch with a fair few bloggers and it was definitely the right thing to do. I have gained friendships I never thought I would have and it is all down to blogging and sharing my blog through all types of Social Media. I am even joined with Nuffnang UK and Imotiv. 

A couple of friends are from Malaysia and I never thought I would ever be friends with people from half the way around the world, but the unexpected happened and I am so thankful! I am a very polite and outgoing person, so please don't be shy to get in touch with me if you want to become friends or simply just get to know me. Just click on my 'Contact Me' page to see all the different types of media you can use to get in touch.

Seeing Jenny spread her love for bloggers and helping them promote themselves and their blogs, warms my heart because it is not all about herself. I really do hate bloggers who are all 'Me me me, I I I, self self self.' I love that there are people who will help others but also promote their own pages at the same time. Jenny is a great example for this.

Wow, I don't half sound like I lick arse sometimes haha! 

I don't mean to, I am just trying to explain about the challenge and how much Jenny is putting into her blog. She is inspiring to myself and to others. I hope others follow in her footsteps! 

"Teamwork is the fuel that allows common people to produce uncommon results"

Much love to you Jenny 

Lauren x


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