Last post before Switzerland!

Switzerland tomorrow, Switzerland tomorrow, Switzerland tomorrow! Eeeeek! So ecstatic, I have butterflies in my stomach wah! Yeah.. erm.. I'm not excited psssh *wink*

Anyhow, as you all know, the AFC Farklaa football team play on a Tuesday and Daniel is the Goal Keeper for them. Yesterday, they won 3-1 to Mossley and all the players deserved it; even though there were a few hiccups here and there but nobody is perfect.

There would be videos on this post but for some reason Blogger is not able to upload the video - which is proper shit because I promised last time that I would video it. Daniel is in the process of putting the videos on Facebook but he is having trouble uploading as well - once they are uploaded I will share them on my Facebook page if you want to have a gander. You are welcome to follow the page for more updates of my blog also.

Just a warning though, the first half is only two minutes long because something went wrong with the uploading and it is not on my phone anymore. I might as well delete it. (If you can't see it, then it has definitely been deleted.) The second half is perfectly fine and shows every single minute of the game. Sorry for the inconvenience if you can't see any of the videos due to problems.

However, having time out of the house and seeing Daniel enjoy what he loves doing most makes me feel so happy and like a proud parent - not in the weird and creepy way. I see how happy he is on the pitch because he is so stuck in and he wants to take part in something physical rather than slumped around the house watching time pass by. Plus, I get out the house as well but I just stand at the side of the pitch shouting abuse.. not really, I cheer the guys on; some of them deserve a boot up their ass though! 

Enough about football.

I was to take my camera to Switzerland with me tomorrow but for some reason the camera will not turn on and it sounds like there is clicking inside the camera when I try and switch it on. I don't know what is up with it because it was working in the morning but now it is like something has crashed inside the camera. If anyone can help me then I will be greatly thankful! My camera is a Canon GE HZ15. I will have to put up with my phone camera instead, which isn't too bad because the camera is pretty decent on the Samsung Galaxy S4. 

If I get some good quality photos out of the holiday then I will not complain. My next blog posts will be in parts so you will have to bare with me, and because you are all amazing, I know this won't bother you. If you need something to read whilst I am gone, please read my Archives and I will post as soon as I can. Though I will be back in the UK on Sunday, I might not be able to post that night so there will be a post up late Monday.

Final picture until we get back

My packing is all done, except my make-up and straighteners because I need them in the morning. Hopefully i'm not a dizzy sod and forget them so I end up having a holiday with bad hair days and horrible skin showing - blemishes really are a girl's worst enemy.

We both had to have a last minute buy at the supermarket otherwise we wouldn't be fully packed. What we needed was alcohol. What is a football holiday without alcohol eh? No we are not alcoholics, the only reason we wanted to buy a litre of alcohol each because in Switzerland, the alcohol will be expensive if we just kept buying shots with mixers every time. Bringing our own will make the whole holiday so much cheaper.

Daniel has finally packed even though he should have had the small suitcase seen as he has hardly packed anything. Once we had both packed, we decided we would move the bedroom furniture around to pass the time - I didn't realise how much stuff we have. Most of the less needed stuff is in the hallway whilst Daniel and I think of a place to put it.

On Friday, Daniel and I should be visiting the Zoo that is not far from the Airport or our Hotel so there will be cute photos on one of the 'Part' posts for you to coo over. I know I will be cooing when I am at the Zoo and looking at the photos. There are penguins that walk around with the public, hopefully Daniel doesn't smuggle one ;) I love penguins - they are so cute. This is so irrelevant to this post... or am I wrong saying that? 

Anyway, I am super excited and i have had so many lovely tweets off fellow bloggers wishing me all the best and to have fun and enjoy myself - believe me, I will! Thank you to everyone who has left me a message/comment; I have replied to you all now. 

Here's a fun little conversation between Daniel and I for you because I accidentally left one of the pizzas out to defrost:

Daniel: "Why have you left the pizza out to defrost?"

Me: "I dunno."

Daniel: "If I asked you why you jumped into a lion's cage, what would you say?"

Me: "You know i'd say: I dunno."

Daniel: "Why have you fingered an old womans bum with a hair brush? Let me guess... I dunno?"

Me: *Laughs*

Time to relax, eat pizza, drink a cuppa, and watch Harry Potter and the deathly hallows part 1!

I hope you all have a great time where you are. Don't miss me too much, but if you do, remember to read the Archives hehe :) 

I love you all!

See you all in 4 or 5 days! 


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