My most embarrassing/funniest Childhood Memories

Have you ever thought back at your childhood memories and thought: "I was such a deranged, strange, funny little kid?" Sometimes I do when I think about certain memories. 

Take a look at my most embarrassing/funniest Childhood Memories.

First off, I would like to say that these memories are quite embarrassing especially when they actually happened; which is probably going to make you want to see what they are more haha. There are also really funny/fun memories which I can remember as if it was only yesterday. A lot of these memories are of me and Hayley because, we twins, did everything together.

Thinking back at them now though, all the memories are hilarious and I just think 'aww bless.' I'll let you decide. 

Oh god... here goes! 

1. (Embarrassing) When I was in nursery (kindergarten to those in another country) and I remember standing in front of my teacher and saying that I really needed to pee. Before my teacher new it, I was standing there with soaking wet underwear, tights and skirt. 

The teacher stood there and said: "What did you do that for? You know where the toilets are. Oh well, what is done is done, let's get you changed into something dry."

Well because it is a nursery, there was a huge cupboard full of spare underwear, socks, tights, skirts and trousers. Typically, there were no pants or skirts left, so my teacher found the most embarrassing pink pants that were wayyy to big for me, and she told me to put them on.

Peeing myself was already embarrassing enough, but sticking a pair of over-sized pink pants on me and making me trail around hopelessly was even worse! I can't remember if that taught me a lesson to where I never pee'd myself again. 

2. (Funny) I can't remember how old I was but I was pretty young. One fine day, my twin sister and I were getting in the bath but when my twin took off her clothes, she were covered in chicken pox. Okay okay, this wasn't my embarrassing memory, but it was embarrassing for my twin... 

Now the chicken pox were everywhere except her face so I really couldn't tell she had them until she had no clothes on. I remember absolutely laughing my head off to the point where I made Hayley cry with embarrassment. To be fair, it was hilarious to me at that age. Looking back now, it wasn't even funny, but hey, I was a kid, everything is funny.

Farts are funny when you are a kid - especially the word "poop."

3. (Embarrassing) I was in the back garden (yard) in Summer when I was around 4 years old and I was chasing a rather huge spider. I chased it to the end of the garden to where there was a broken glass fireplace and I decided to sit on it. 

My left hand was placed on a broken corner, and when I looked at my hand, I had a slit going from my thumb right to the other side of my palm. I didn't feel any pain, or even notice that I had hurt myself until I looked at it.

I can't remember if I was crying or not, but I ran into the front room (living room) to find my mum decorating, and I showed her my hand. Before I knew it, I was being carried into the car and on my way to either the Doctors or the Hospital.

4. (Funny) (My Mum can't even remember this but Hayley and I can.) Hayley and I had a Bambi picture in a glass picture frame on the wall above our bunk-beds, but we didn't like it so Hayley decided to pass the picture down to me from the top bunk. Like the *div I am, I dropped it and smashed the picture frame.

Hayley and I decided to have a look at the glass because it fascinated us but I accidentally prodded Hayley's finger tip with the glass and it wouldn't stop bleeding. Instead of Hayley going to clean it up and get a plaster, she decided to get a corner piece of the glass and poke my forehead with it.

Now we both had a cut and we went to the bathroom to clean up. We couldn't see in the mirror because we were both tiny, so we shouted up our Mum to help. We obviously got shouted at.

5. (Funny) Fun with Chocolate Moose. Hayley and I decided that we were a bit peckish even though it was past our bedtime, so I crept down stairs to get a couple pots of chocolate moose from the fridge and get a couple spoons as well.

(Me and Hayley were little shits when we were younger, we always got into trouble.)

I crept back upstairs, but then our fun little brat minds decided that instead of eating the chocolate moose, that we would scoop out a spoon full of the moose and shot put it at the wall. The aim of the game was whoever through it highest up the wall - wins. At a young age, this is a seriously fun thing to do, but when your Dad comes upstairs to find what you have done, you are in serious trouble. 

It was still the best game me and Hayley have ever played. Even the ceiling was covered in Chocolate Moose splodges. 

So I told Daniel that I was doing this blog post, to which he said:

"Is your most embarrassing memory when you looked into a mirror and saw how ugly you were?"

I pouted jokingly and in fake disgust.
"I'm only joking, you're beautiful."

Nice save, Daniel.


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